Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Rant

When I volunteered to help with this blog I said to myself, “Lee,” Please note, you must always use third person when talking to yourself. It eliminates any questions about sanity! So I says “Lee, I won’t do the political schitck”. And I decided against it because Jim is so much better at it than I am. I know my limits. I can do comics. I can do slice-o-life. I can’t do angry, political activitist. Well I can but I usually sound like whiney liberal boy. But today I saw something that made me want to try…

Here’s a headline I saw on CNN today, “ADHD drug use for youth obesity raises ethical questions.” All I have to say is “ethical questions?” Ya think? What rocket scientist came to that conclusion?

The basics are, the kid is 11 years old, 30 lbs overweight, and on the fast track for diabetes. Well, that’s what happens when you eat nothing but McDonalds and potato chips. But here’s where it gets interesting, “His parents say Alex was already physically active and eating a healthy diet.” Uuummm, last I heard exercise and good eating cured most overweight problems. Now here’s the kicker, “^The parents^ didn't know what to do.”

WHAT???? Let me help because I have some suggestions. How about this novel idea. MORE EXERCISE! I’m not saying he wasn’t exercising enough but first rule of weight loss is burn more calories than you take in. OR WAIT. How about cut the soda out of his diet... and here's a novel concept cut it out of YOUR DIET TOO! Amazingly enough if you go on a proper eating kick like him the chances are that you can support each other and all lost weight together.

Oh but wait, it gets worse “Their pediatrician didn't know either”. HELLO? What quack are you going to? Work with me here but that diploma on the wall… yeah the one from Guatemala U. Yeah, that one… it’s no good. Even in Central America they call it CRAPPO STATE. So Useless Dr #1 sends the family to Quack Dr#2 who gives the kid an amphetamine. HOLY POOP BATMAN! And who thinks this is a good idea?

For perspective, my kid has a mild case of asthma or a really bad case of allergies depending on who you ask. We balk at all the stuff the Dr’s want to put in him. We finally relented to a mild, mild steroid and it still scares the stuffing out of us. I’m talking low dose, been used medically for and years and I still panic and worry. These parents are going straight to amphetamines to solve the problem???? Anyone see a problem with this picture?

So the problems as I see them... #1, instead of hard work we turn to drugs and medication as the solution and #2 it appears that parents are unwilling or unable to make the necessary changes in their life. Either way, it's sad. Bottom line, I am not sure what this is a bigger indictment of, the sad state of parenting or the sad state of the medical profession.

As a caveat, so I don't appear completely heartless, the kid could have a medical condition or thyroid something-or-another. BUT, the article said nothing about that. Which could also be an indictment of the media.

Oh yeah... how to survive marriage, lesson #451: When acknowledging your wife's fart, the proper statement is "Your FART stinks". Not to be confused with "You Stink". Apparently they have completely different connotations. Who knew?


  1. Nice post. Isn't it wonderful to know that in the USA the same people who were the big counter culture drug users, now freely give it to thier chidren. The biggest increase in psycho-tropical drug use (% wise) is amoung children under 10 (so I've heard).

    By the way, what the hell was that non-sequitor from? I can only assume this happened as your were blogging.

  2. "Psycho-tropical"? Is that one that only affects your psyche when you're in the tropical latitudes? :)

    What's with the assumption that the parents are baby boomers? How do you know they're not Gen-X? The kid is 11. I'm Gen-X and many of my classmates from HS have kids that are 22 now, so it's not like it's out of the realm of possibility.

    Anyway, I agree with the general rant, so far as rx drug usage. Whenever doing without is possible, that's the best option. Like Lee, I have a kid who has mild asthma/severe allergies. She has rx for Zyrtec (sp?) and Singulair. I'm not afraid of her using either of them, but I think it's better for her not to if possible. So, I try to wean her off of them whenever she's not having any symptoms. Usually works until she catches a cold or gets a blast of pollen, then she has to go back to it, but that's ok. I'm not much of a fan of the maintenance treatment without foreseeable end.

    That aside, using rx drugs off their original approval, as with this kid, is always something one should be wary of. It's like the Botox fad. That has an actual medical use for which it was approved, but the cosmetic crap was not. Not only is it frivolous, but also dangerous.

    In a related note, check out the cover article in Newsweek this week. It's about the benefits exercise has for brain activity.

    Watch out for those semantics whenever speaking with a wife.

  3. Lee, your close made me laugh!

  4. All I can say is I am here to test the good-bad things to say waters. I take it for the team!

    Talk about wierd, my kid has rx for Zyrtec (sp?) and Singulair too. He was really bad but that seems to help. At least thr Dr's talked to us and gave us options "You can classify him ashmatic if you wish." We thought it was crazy but someone must take the option.

    It's scary what parents are willing to do to their kids.