Thursday, March 08, 2007

On Captain Amerca #25 and Old Toys

I had two short post in mind and decided to just combine the two.

Second one first. My ex-wife asked me to get some items she was probably going to trash if not removed from her premises. The vast majority of the items are my daughters and some is actually mine, which I had abandoned and was not worried about ever getting again. After 4 plus years I believe the statue of limitations has run and she had ever right to trash it. Still when I got there and she said do I want it, I took all of this stuff (8 boxes of various items) and now have to sort through it and store what is the girls, do a little e-baying and have some extra toys.

I hate to throw out some of these neat little toys so Gwen, Jeff and Lee may occasionally see extra items added to a package or a random package show up on their doorsteps.

To your left is the first toy that will be going on a trip and probably pretty soon. If you can identify this toy you played way too many video games.

Still it is fun to go through all of this stuff and relive some great memories. Which is rare for me as I not much for looking behind me.

Soon we are going to be helping my parents move to a rancher and I will be involved in going through my Dad's attic of stuff and then I be involved in stuff that goes back to my Dad's early years. I'm expecting to find Sumerian writings.

Next topic, Captain America #25. Good story. Ed Brubaker did a nice job with this story and it feels like a monumental event. Marvel has a five part mini-series that chronicles how the Marvel Universe comes to grips with his death. So it feels like it is real, but I don't believe it. I believe that he may be gone for a year or so, but I don't believe Steve Rogers is dead. This arc is a nine part story. If at the end of this arc someone else is the new Captain America, then I may start to believe it, but unless that next arc totally shifts the focus to the new guy and is off any strong connection to Steve Rogers I won't believe it. It will take about one year of new stories moving away from Steve Rogers for me to buy it. Plus Joe Q. and Ed Brubaker are never saying he is dead and gone. The super solider formula can be a great "deus ex machina".
The feeding frenzy and what some poor souls have paid for copies of this book on e-bay amuses me to no end. I had a comic book store when the Death of Superman book came out and on the first day sold every copy that I got (except for 3, one each for my daughters and myself). Now some shadier dealers held some back to sell for big bucks during the next few weeks. On the first day I think people were paying $10 for them. A few days later a customer who I have never seen before walks in and says he will buy all the copies I have hidden for $20 a book. I told him I didn't have any and he accused me of being a liar. This book goes for as much as $15 and as little as $9 on e-bay today (14 years later). He told me he needed these books as an investment so he could send his kids to college. So I'm assuming that community college was were they are now or have attended.
When people ask me what to buy to invest in when I had the store, I would tell them real estate or stocks, they never liked that answer.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Marvel prined a ton of extra copies of Cap #25. There is going to be 60,000 extra first printings on the store shelves this Wednesday.

    Let me ask you this Jim. You know my theory that The Punisher will be the new Captain America (At least for a while).

    Saying this is true, is Marvel trying to make a statement about America? If Steve Rogers was a mirror of America in World War II. Are they saying that Frank Castle is a mirror of America today?


  2. Richard - that is really funny about the extra first prints, the people paying that money on e-bay look even sillier with that in mind.

    The idea of the Punisher representing the new America is an interesting idea and yes it would be Marvel making a new statement. Also I assume that Frank (since it was recently established that he hero worships Cap) would probably not kill as Captain America.

    Still I think it would be short lived as they just launched Punisher War Journal. I think that storyline will be played out in that book and not Captain America. The whole "Death of a Dream" storyline is probably part one of the story to introduce the final new CA or bring back Steve by the end of that story. With this arc now being nine parts if the second arc that bring Steve or whomever as Cap into play we can be a year plus down the road before his reintroduction. If Frank and other play at Cap it will be the whole death of Superman story played out again, masking as political commentary.

    I find Marvel wanting to be real world amusing. If you put super heroes in the real world all suspension of disbelief becomes harder and super heroes become unbeleiveable in that context.

  3. My brother also thinks that Punisher will become the new Captain America. Weird, but Frank did come off the best out of all the characters during Civil War.
    As for the toys, I think everyone in America and in Japan can recognize Yoshi and his pimped out ride from SuperMarioKart.

  4. I thought it was a Mario character - couldn't remember the name, though. I don't even play video games!