Sunday, April 01, 2007


I can never find my blog easily if I'm on anther computer without having to find another blog that I am linked to and then clicking on the link. The reason is that the Comics And... title is too damn generic. Now I named the website after my comic book store in New Jersey, that has survived, but has been renamed along the way.

So just for the hell of it I have decided to occasionally add something behind the and and see if that helps me find my blog where I'm on strange computers.

At this point I'm torn between An Anna Nicole Memorial Website, as it apparently is the biggest story since Pearl harbor was attacked, and Plotting the Ruination of Civilization.

I'll start with Plotting the Ruination of Civilization and invite Lee and Gwen to submit ideas or change the title themselves (Gwen I have added you as an administrator so you can make said changes).

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  1. You know, as much as this is a fun idea, you could always just remember your web address... =P