Saturday, April 07, 2007

Baseball 101

I will not post often on baseball as I am an Oriole fan and have now had the ignominy of having suffered through nine - NINE, losing seasons. The Orioles were in the World Series in the sixties, seventies and the eighties and have not been back since. It have been over a decade since we got into the playoffs and we have had nine sub-par years in a row (I have mentioned that - NINE - NINE in a row!!!!!!)

Being in the same division as the free spending Yankees and Red Sox does not make life easier, but Detroit, Minnesota, Oakland and other smaller market teams have developed winning teams. So that excuse has worn hollow. Ownership (Peter Angelos) and the arrogance that he knows better then the people he hires has led to a poorly managed operation.

Still hope springs eternal and even though we started 0-3, we beat the Yankees last night and as of this typing are winning today. It is very early in a 162 game schedule and anything can happen. The plus for the Orioles is that they have 3 young and talented pitchers and what should be a decent bullpen and pitching can take you a lot further then a bunch of sluggers.

My hopes for this year is that we win 85-90 games. My fear is that in order for that to happen a lot of the right things have to fall into place, so my heart says 85-90, but my logic says it could be closer to 75-80 wins and losing season number 10. Still if they just show positive progress I can still be content.

Once you fall in love for a team you never want to stop backing them and suffering with poor years is part and parcel of being a sports fan.

Happy Birthday to Lee (who is almost 40 and acts like 4)


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  1. Happy Birthday to Lee, and Happy Birthday to Jamie!