Sunday, April 29, 2007

Current Best Series

I did this list quickly (and in no particular order) while scanning what I get. I picked out what I considered to be the best series around. These are books that are consistently entertaining or have started off with a bang. When I see one of these titles coming out I feel assured that it will be one of the better books for that week.

Checkmate - DC
Desolation Jones - DC
Hero Squared - IDW
Jonah Hex - DC
Killer - Arachia
Scalped - DC - Vertigo
Silent War - Marvel
Tag:Cursed - IDW
Wasteland - ONI
Wormword Gentleman Corpse - IDW
All Star Superman - DC
Astro City - DC - Wildstorm
Birds of Prey - DC
Brave and Bold - DC
Crossing Midnight - DC Vertigo
Dynamo 5 - Image
Fables - DC Vertigo
Invincible - Image
Iron Fist - Marvel
Mr. Stuffins - BOOM
Fell - Image
New Univerisal - Marvel
X-Men First Class - Marvel
X-Factor - Marvel
Thunderbolts - Marvel
Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes - DC
Spirit - DC
Shadowpact - DC
Snakewoman - Virgin
Nightly News - Image

I may have IDW and BOOM mixed up as to the publishers, but these are all really entertaining books. Also it certainly shows the wide variety of material out there.


  1. Good list. You hit all of my favs. I'm on a Marvel boycott right now, but it looks like I'm not missing much if you're right about their best books right now. Iron Fist?!?! Really??? Spirit gets my vote for Best Book On The Racks. How good was that last issue? Introduced old villains and retooled them in a way that made them seem formidable and cool.

  2. I have always like the character Iron Fist, so it is an easier sell for me. Right now I think X-Men First Class is a great book and Parker and Cruz are really doing modern work and making it feel like some good old time super hero stuff.

    The best stuff is really Vertigo and the Independents.

  3. Iron Fist is kicking seven shades of ass right now.

    You are missing:

    DMZ (admittedly started slow, but been great ever since)

    and though I do believe it is not to everyone's taste, THE BOYS.



  4. Local---Yes, BPRD--Yes, Walking Dead--oh Yes. The rest are pretty skippable with The Boys being downright horrible. Gotta say that anyone not reading Invincible is really missing out. The most recent issue was damn spectacular and has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next issue. Go Kirkman!!!

  5. I first two issues of OKKO were awesome. I highly recommend them.

    BUFFY is written for the fans. No doubt.

    CASANOVA you can appreciate if you read all the issues. The last two of the volume ties everything up. But it is a little insane.

    INVINCIBLE is perhaps the most ultimate, straightforward hero book since classic SPIDER-MAN.