Friday, April 06, 2007

Random Musings

I was hoping to get the independent comic review part I out tonight, but my real world job has keep me too busy to do the list justice (Lee has completed his part and I have been the slacker). So instead I will mention a few different items.

First off is this announcement:

"Metal Men" coming to a movie screen near you By Weatherman 04-06-2007, 12:53 PM
DC Comics and Warner Brothers are working to bring Metal Men to the big screen. Warner Brothers has tapped Lauren Schuler Donner as producer, Geoff Johns and Executive Producer and Eric Champnella as writer. Mr. Champnella has previous writing Mr. 3000 and Say Uncle. Donner has previously worked on X-Men and Constantine. No release date has been announced.

WTF - are they kidding? I have seen so many comic book characters have possible movie deals and/or be in preliminary development, but this one takes the cake. I enjoyed the Metal Men, but only as a quirky nostalgic kind of thing. In reading some of the base material it is really just a fun idea with no real concept to make it a continuing series. Still for a movie a fun idea may work as a one shot, but this movie would have to be heavy CGI.

The National Debt. We are either at $8 trillion dollars or $5 trillion dollars in debt, depending on how you add it up. Some people state that if you use more generally accepted accounting principles (as opposed to governmental type accounting) the number is really $40 trillion dollars. There has to come a time when this comes home to roost. What is even worse is that much of the economic boom that we have experienced as a country has been fueled by massive borrowing by consumers, a good portion of that via home equity loans.

I wonder when an economic down turn is going to hit this country. I really can no longer grasp all the inter-locking elements that control what fuels and economy and plan to spend some significant in the the near future researching it to know where to focus my savings and investments. I really worry that the downturn that we will experience next may be more depression like as opposed to recession like. Whether this happens in 5, 10 or 20 years from now I believe it is inevitable as all economies occasionally take hits. You have to pay back the debt eventually.

Hangman - I enjoy playing this simple game and this little free game on the web is amusing.
I encourage people to give it a go and see what you think. WHEN SELECTING YOUR FATE US THE SPACEBAR!

Can Obama or Hillary win the election for President? Both of these candidates raised over $25 million dollars already and seemed posed to win the democratic nomination. Hillary added $10 million from her Senatorial funds to get to $25 million and Obama apparently did more on his own merits. Still are the money people really free to dictate who we elect for President. Can a woman or a black man win in a national election. Much will depend or who the republicans put up for President and how badly Bush hurt the party, but 2008 promises to be interesting to watch from the sidelines. Until a candidate says they are for less government, neither party gets my vote, so that make me a more independent observer. I'm not a fan of his politics, but I have to say that John Edwards actually comes across as sincere to me.

As I said random musings.


  1. Just keep in mind that a person can be sincerely wrong - or, that some people make a living by appearing to be sincere! I think he's a coral snake - pretty to look at, resembling the harmless king snake until he bites...

  2. Oh I don't want him for President or anything, I just think he is more sincere then the rest of his fellow candidates - which is faint praise.