Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Best & Worst of Last Week

The books from last week were just okay. Nothing was really over the top, grab you by the throat type or "wow" moments, but nothing was really bad. Still for me I was essentially disappointed in a rather lackluster week of books.

Best of the Week

Crossing Midnight # 5 - Mike Carey has crafted a wonderfully absorbing tale of a brother and sister. It is set in Japan and involves mythology, dragons, a needle warrior, the Yakuza, parents, coming of age and the atomic bomb. Jim Fern has really raised his game in this book and his art has taken a leap forward. The story is almost impossible to summarizes without making it sound too way out. This issue we find the brother taking steps to save his father and commit himself to a path he may regret. It has the feeling of being a fantastically rich and detailed story where you really care about the characters and worry about them.

Superman Confidential #4 - Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale continue telling the tale of Superman first encountering Kryptonie. This issue his powers fail him and he gets the crap beat out of him. Then his powers return and he survives, but Luthor is noticing that something hurt him. Cooke has done an almost Golden Age take on the character and yet still has made the story modern. Tim Sale continues his unique rendition of the Superman cast, his Lois Lane is a true beauty. It is just a great book.

Silent War #3 (of 6) - David Hines has taken a tale that should just suck, but it is really a well done story. Irving Fraizer art is also a nice touch that adds a dark tone to the book that some artist cannot invoke. There is a growing disconnect between Black Bolt and Medusa and a sense of menace that is growing with every issue.

Worst Book of The Week

Fantastic Four #544 - Major disappointment, Paul Pelliter's art also seemed weaker then normal. Dwayne McDuffie is a great writer, but this felt really stilted and the characters did not feel like themselves. Also the whole Black Panther and Orroro thing doesn't work for me. I was really hoping to get back into the FF, but I maybe only on one more issue and that is it.

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