Monday, April 30, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

The beginning of a five Wednesday month. Also no hard cover collections, so it is almost a vacation week. Although two soft covered trades and some new action figures are coming in. The action figures I really don’t need, but I will probably succumb to buying the Animal Man, Isis and Batwoman figures.

52 #52 – The last issue. The wrap up promises to be a good story as last issue was almost a pause. This also concluded the one year gap and except for whatever untold stories are out there the DCU are in the same relative timeframe.

Atom #11 – The end of the three part story where the Atom finds out what has been happening with the girl he loved in high school. I wanted what happened to my high school and college girl-friend?

American Virgin #14 – The continuing story of Lee’s college days. Just wanted to see if anyone ever reads this stuff. The official hype “The shocking conclusion of "Wet." Adam's hormones are driving him down the path of no return at the Miss Teen Miami Pageant. It might take an act of God to stop him from committing the mortal sin he's fought to suppress his whole life…and an act of God is exactly what's descending on Miami as Hurricane Marta blows in.” If he loses his virginity does the title change? All kidding aside Steven Seagle and Becky Cloonan do a great job with this title.

Checkmate #13 – Checkmate goes after the Outsiders. This is a neat cross-over as it makes sense that Checkmate would have to try and take the Outsiders down. The Outsiders are a loose cannon in world events and Checkmate would oppose their methods.

Deadman #9 – Hey this book hasn’t been cancelled yet, so maybe I’m not the only person reading this book. The official hype “A new story arc begins! Sarah's pregnancy mysteriously terminates, while halfway around the world the wife of a self-absorbed movie producer experiences a seemingly immaculate conception. Brandon hops dimensions in search of answers, but he may only be heightening the danger."

Detective #832 – Another fill-in type issue written by Royal McGraw and art by Andy Clarke. The artist is fine, but the last issue by Royal McGraw (whom I’ve never heard of) was really weak, I’m not looking forward to this issue.

Exterminators #17 – Last issue came out last week. How whacked out is that. In a world when late issues have become too normal a comic puts out back to back issues. Love this book. If you don’t get it, pick it up in the trades and read it.

Green Lantern #19 – The continuation of the Star Sapphire story. Hal can never get a break when it comes to his girl friend and his newest possible girl-friend was taken over at the end of last issue.

Hawkgirl #63 – Hawkgirl teams-up with Batman in trying to track down Hath-Set. If she succeeds and ends the curse then I guess this breaks Carter and Kendra as a couple forever, but I’m not sure if this is working. The book is better without Chaykin as the artist and this storyline has more potential.

Jonah Hex #19 – I love this book and this month I love the hype even more. The official line is “Hex heads to Texas to track down some missing men, on a trail built of blood, gambling and lies!” No more needed – how cool is that.

Midnighter #7 – An examination of how Midnighter’s powers actually work. If done right this could be a really cool issue.

Scalped #5 – We learn more of how our central character (Dash Bad Horse) went from a callous youth to an undercover FBI agent. This book would make a great movie.

Showcase : The War That Time Forgot – Reprinting the mundo bizarre series of GI’s combating Dinosaurs on an island lost in time. 560 pages of glorious B&W for only $17, by one of the great all time writers of the comic book form Robert Kanigher.

Shazam Monster Society of Evil #3 (of 4) – Continuing Jeff Smith’s unique take on Captain Marvel. This should have been All Star Captain Marvel and should have been an eight issue series. Still it is fun and different take on the character and I have grown to enjoy it for what it is.

Superman #662 – Returning to our regular storyline, Superman is stuck trying to determine if he is helping or hurting our world by his actions. Busiek and Pacheo are doing some great work on this title.

Teen Titans #46 – Last issue ended with Nightwing and his group coming in to help save the new group. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. The war between Deathstroke and his “Titans” versus the real group has been a good story.

Welcome to Tranquility #6 – Promise to resolve the murder of Mister Articulate that has been the core storyline since the book started. I like this series, but it is very hard to define this book. Also I think the writing is very well done, but I would be this book takes Gail Simone longer to write then any other book she does.

Astonishing X-Men #21 – Or what I like to think of wasting John Cassady’s art. Ord and Breakworld stuff is going on. I have really lost interest in this book.

Avengers: The Initiative #2 – First issue was okay. This issue has a “pivotal moment for Yellowjacket”. They have acted like they are killing him, but I really doubt it. This book has two more issues to be better or it is gone off my list.

Hulk #106 – The official hype is building up this super genius kid and a showdown he has with Doc Samson and She-Hulk. I hate that the actual series for the Hulk will not be featuring the World War Hulk storyline and in fact that will be a separate mini-series. Really a bizarre tactic for Marvel to be trying. I guess this is a way to amp up the sales for WW Hulk and still keep the actual title sales in line with the hyped event. In other words if the main event was in the book, the mini-series supporting it would have less sales then leaving the supporting stuff in the main book. A prologue to WW Hulk, bonus is Gary Frank is doing the art.

Iron Man #17 – Okay I like this book. Tony as director of Shield is still going to have to go up against the Mandarin. This series has been well written and while I’m no longer really sure what I think of Tony Stark, the story is well done. I guess I’m sick of seeing Iron Man everywhere in the Marvel Universe.

Last of the Mohicans #1 (of 6) – I decided to try one of the new “Classic Illustrated” books from Marvel. The old books I have fond memories of reading them when I was a young child and therefore at least having a passing familiarity with some great literature that I sometimes eventually read the actual book and sometimes did not.

Omega Flight #2 (of 5) – I find it amusing the US Agent is a member of Canada’s super team. This series is ill served by becoming a mini-series. I think the premise needed a longer form. Issue #1, did not really get anywhere is building up to the group forming.

Thunderbolts: Born Better #4 (of 4) – Or as my friend Matthew states the real Thunderbolts book. This has been a very good mini-series and I have really enjoyed the examination of the current Baron Zemo. It makes me want to buy the old series and read it. I hope they find someway to keep this side of the story of the Thunderbolts continuing.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #41 – Part 3 of 3 of the Ultimate Diablo story, Can we stop saying Ultimate in front of every character from the Ultimate line? Anyway, this has been a good story and I look forward to its conclusion.

Alien Pig Farm 3000 #1 (of 4) – I mean how can you not love that title for a comic book. Who cares what it is about, just pick it up and read it for gosh sakes. Officially it is a story about a race of pig-eating, flesh-gnarling aliens attacking Kentucky. Written by Todd Farmer and art by Don Marquez is from Raw Studios – which is home to Steven (30 Days of Night) Niles. Looks like great fun.

Walking Dead Volume #6 – It was supposed to be out last week, but did not make it. I love this story about surviving in a world of flesh eating Zombies, so I hope it makes it this week.

Ward of the State #1 (of 3) – A really different kind of book. The official hype “story CHRISTOPHER E. LONG art & cover CHEE - Balitzer is just your typical average foster mother…who happens to train her young wards to be hired killers! Dravis Trucker, her latest ward, has always yearned for a normal life. Now he's hoping to survive long enough to get his driver's license! " A more “real” horror book, almost feels like what EC comics would have done in their day.


  1. No need to buy it, when you can borrow it! I've got the whole Thunderbolts series all in one short box. Let me know...

  2. Matthew - I will take you up on that offer one day in the future. Thanks

  3. Last of the Mohicans is a great story, I wonder how the comic adaptation will be - because while I enjoyed the Daniel Day Lewis movie they changed a lot of the characters. Hopefully the comic will stay closer to the book.

  4. brainiac6 - You'll be able to judge for yourself soon.