Monday, April 02, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

Another 4 Wednesday month and this week is actually a lighter then normal week for me which is typically for the beginning of the month. Last week was just a fair week. Nothing really too horrible, but nothing that was an absolute great book either.

52 Week #48 – 5 weeks left and we are now just two weeks away from WWIII. I have really enjoyed 52 and now that it is almost over I hope we get some more stories that will fill in what happened to other people during the missing year.

Absolute Long Halloween – I had the original series, I had the trade, I had a hard cover version and now I’m getting this version. Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale were both at the height of their game when this mini-series came out and it really was a great read and added a lot of additional elements into the Batman Year One timeframe. For me a really great work like this is an easy buy for me as I enjoy having a really quality reproduction of this story in my collection.

Atom #10 – Atom is back home and fighting his ex-girl friend’s husband’s ghost. Gail Simone has really made this a great series and along with Blue Beetle I consider this another great third generation hero.

American Virgin #13 – Adam continues his search for his soul mate. This book just continues to surprise me and I have really enjoyed Adam’s trials as he struggles to maintain his pledge of virginity in a cynical world.

Detective #831 – Paul Dini and Don Kramer craft a tale of Batman being forced to team-up with Harley Quinn. Paul Dini is Harley’s creator, so I’m sure that this story should be a really good read.

Jack of Fables #9 – Part 3 of Jack’s trip to Vegas. Just an out and out fun book. Outrageous and over the top entertainment.

Jonah Hex #18 – This is the best western series on the stands and it’s nice to know that there arte a selection of westerns on the stands. Great series.

Justice League of America #7 – We finally get to see the new team and a new headquarters. After a zero issue and six dreadfully long issues we finally move onto actually having a team book. Thank god for New Avengers or this would have been the worse re-launch of a super team ever.

Midnighter #6 – Midnighter in feudal Japan and a forbidden romance. What is this Wolverine all over again? Why do all the bad ass killer types hang in Japan?

Nightwing #131 – Continuing the Bride and Groom storyline (they are the villains of the piece). Right now this series is doing okay, but I want it to be excellent as Nightwing is a favorite character. Still Wolfman and Ingle are doing a nice job on the series.

Scalped #4 – The casino is set to open soon and the tangled web of Dash Bad Horse world gets more complex. Great series about an under cover agent being forced to spy on the community he left behind.

Supergirl #16 – Promises to be the real truth about who Supergirl is and if she was sent to kill Kal-El or not. Always leery when a big reveal is promised as half the time very little is revealed. My favorite love/hate series. Last issue was a plus.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #28 – The Legion and the Wanderers face off against the Dominators and their link to 52 is revealed. I love this series and hope it continues to thrive under Tony Bedard and whomever after Waid and Kitson leave after issue #30.

Superman #661 – Looks like another fill-in as the story is slowed down to a crawl due to Action being late I believe. Still it has Busiek as co-writer, so there is hope.

Superman/Batman #33 – The conclusion to the DCU aliens versus Superman and Batman. This story suffered from delays, but has been a decent story. I bet it reads well as a trade.

Welcome to Tranquility #5 – The Old Guys versus the young Liberty Snots. I still can’t quiet decide whether I like this comic or think it is brilliant. A good read and one I now look forward to as it took a few issues to sell me on this series.

Alpha Flight Classics Volume #1 – The first few issues of Alpha Flight by John Byrne. I know I can get the monthlies for a song, but I enjoyed the first year or so of this book so I will pick up the trade.

Avengers Initiative #1 – Dan Slott is writing this puppy, but I have great trepidation for this stuff and Marvel in general is not my favorite place right now.

Fallen Son Death of Captain America: Wolverine – Okay if it wasn’t a smaller week I would skip this book as Jeph Loeb’s stuff has been really poor lately. Still I decided to at least read the first issue before I dismiss the entire series, but it feels like a blatant money grab.

Iron Fist #4 – I enjoy this series and I’m looking forward to reading how the two Iron Fist relate and what impact this has for Danny Rand.

Hulk #105 – The end of Planet Hulk and the lead in to WW Hulk. I don’t know the Hulk may just be a dead character to me. It’s like this is nothing they can do with the character per say and WW Hulk certainly sounds like he will be causing mass destruction. They have made him too powerful and forgotten his alter ego. Part of the story was Bruce’s struggle to control the monster, that element is gone lately.

Ant-Man #7 – Okay he jumped into Ms. Marvel’s purse and now will be trying to avoid trouble with the Mighty Avengers. This series is okay, but I’m not as sold on this book as my fellow Cosmic Comix Conversation panelist.

Omega Flight #1 (of 5) – This was to be an unlimited and was changed into a five issue mini-series. That cannot be a good omen for this book and has to change the how approach to writing it. Michael Oeming is the writer so I’ll give it a chance, but I not really enthused about this title.

Thunderbolts Born Better Baron Zemo #3 (of 4) – Good little mini-series exploring the history of the Zemo line.

Fallen Angel #14 – Peter David’s other book. This series has been good, but a little stagnant lately, I have read that a new artist is coming on and that usually is a shot in the arm when a series needs a little push. Still a solid and entertaining series.

Wolfskin was on one website as due out, but not my store, so I may or may not get that. I’m debating getting Showcase for the Legion – I have it in Archives, but I know Gwen would enjoy it. Also Hero By Night has still not made it to my store and I may try out Fall of Cthulu #1 also.

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  1. I liked Long Halloween as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure it deserves the ABSOLUTE treatment.

    Hardcover would have been as far as I'd go.

    And any "hero" who hides in ladies' purses to go home with them and watch them shower is OK in my book. Bring on the ANTMAN.

    Ellis said he got his comp copies of FELL #8 so it will be out this week or next week.