Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Best and Worst of Last Week

Often it is hard to pick a best and worst of the week, for me it was an easy task this week.

Best of the Week:

1) Mr. Stuffins #1 (of 3) - I have already done a full blown review and professed my love for this title. Maybe Gwen can do a quick review of her own once she gets the book. Thomm liked it and I have read some mixed reviews on the book. Some of the negative stuff I thought was off point as I believe a book needs to be reviewed for what it is and not what you want it to be. Some of the critical remarks I read could have only been fixed if this was a longer mini-series. Three issues require some short cuts.

2) Dynamo 5 #2 - This book has quickly become one of my favorite super-hero group books. It really feels like a lot of planning and background work went into this comic before it was launched. Image now has one of the best solo super-hero books and one of the best team super-hero books. Also they have a wide array of other material under their banner. Image has really turned into a solid publisher. As to Dynamo 5 itself, the five kids only have their father in common and in two issues we have established characters, sub-plots and villains. Plus the characters are so well defined for only two issues that it is amazing. Great job.

3) Nova #1 - Nice start to this book. Nova was a relatively weak character to me and the Annihilation story and the mini-series lead-in really developed Nova into a hero I want to read about. This issue we find Nova trying to solve all the problems the Nova Corps would handle and quickly burning out. In order to stave off a nervous break down Richard comes home. Should be interesting to see his view of the new status quo. Also a showdown with Iron Man is promised for issue #2 and Nova should be able to take Tony apart at his current power level.

Worst of the Week:

Punisher War Journal #6 - This issue had two problems. Number one the story is very disjointed. It almost seems to be a writing style for some writers and I guess they take pleasure in jumping from time frame to time frame and scene to scene with no explanation. It does not work for me. Also my fears about this villain seem to be justified. It appears as the new Hate Monger is a white American who is wearing the Nazi symbol inside a star as he is killing poor Mexicans who are living in a shanty town awaiting there chance to come across the border illegally. Hey if Matt Fraction thinks that we should just open our borders and let the country be flooded with so many people our social safety net will collapse and he wants to preach that crap in a comic, that's okay, but I also don't have to buy it. He's got next issue to prove that I'm wrong about where he is going or I drop the title. At least with sales so low on so many books even one person dropping off a book has some impact.

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