Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Best to Worst of Last Week

I found this to be fun for now and have decided to rank every book that came out that I read this week. Also I will try to add some small comments as to why. The demarcation line is also something that I want to play with and if a book hits it three times in a row, I should make it a rule for myself to cancel it. Often a book could make it below the line, but a fill-in issue does not necessarily denote the overall quality of the series itself.

JSA #6 – Karate Kid, Dawnstar, Wildfire, my Legion is guest starring in JSA!
Crossing Midnight #7 – Already great and a very rich book.
Countdown #48 – Really enjoying this book on many levels.
Silent War #5 (of 6) – Really a good mini-series.
Daredevil #97 – Had some great moments.
Green Lantern #20 – Love the story – the art – not so much.
Shaolin Cowboy #7 – The art, with any humor like the last issue it could have been #1.
JSA Classified #26 – Wildcat rocks!
Deathblow #5 – The talking dog is great.
Amazon Attack #2 (of 6) – Getting good.
Fallen Angel #16 – Art is weak.
Teen Titans #47 – Get a direction
Hellboy Darkness Calls #2 (of 6)– Still not sure what is going on, but it feels cool.
Ultimate Fantastic Four #42 – Feels like a Silver Surfer movie is coming out.
Blue Beetle #15 – Fill in
New Avengers Illuminati #3 (of 5) – Eh! Nothing really happened, Retro-con BS.
Hawkgirl #64 – Series is ending soon
Deadman #10 – No resolutions have occurred in 10 issues
Action Comics #850 – Very boring and convoluted rehash.
Boys #7 - See previous comments

This list comes together a lot easier then I thought it would when I originally did it last week. A few books are hard to peg into the exact right place, but for the most part it falls together very well. Action and Blue Beetle are below the line books that are not reflective of the overall quality of the series as both are not the regular creative teams. New Avengers Illuminati is a mini-series; Hawkgirl is over in two issues, so that leaves Ultimate FF, Deadman and the Boys are potential cuts from my list.


  1. I actually thought this month's Hawkgirl was pretty good.

  2. It has been better, but I think this story line has been dragged out too long.

  3. I actually feel for Walt Simonson. I think he is a great creator and I worry that his last couple of books haven't done well (Orion/Elric/Hawkgirl)... I would hate to see him not producing as much...

  4. I agree with your overall assessment except Countdown isn't doing it for me like it is you, apparently. I also would have ranked Crossing Midnight lower -- it's interesting and different in plot, but I'm still not emotionally invested in these characters, even after 7 issues. I agree that Silent War is surprisingly good. I would love to see Hine write an Inhumans ongoing. And you didn't check out the new Silver Surfer book? I thought it was pretty good, although it's starting out a little slow.

  5. Vaneta - Good interview with Brad. I think Countdown works for me as I'm such a huge DC fan and enjoy seeing an event that seems to indicate some real changes, like Mary Marvel, now replacing Black Adam. As for the Silver Surfer, even I pass on some books. I have really being trying out more and more independents.