Friday, June 08, 2007

Truth in Advertising

I was going to do a more serious post about the "War on the Middle Class" book by Lou Dobbs and how I really agree with him as far as I have read into the book. Then I saw this cover with the blurb on it of "Oversized First Issue". Well yes she is, but sheesh did you have to add extra advertisement about it.

I want to like this book, but this ridiculous exaggeration makes the credibility of the book already damaged into just a good girl art book. Also please see Dave Stevens work for beautiful women who are real looking, that is good girl art, this is just stupid. Of course maybe they are mirages.

Still too funny to pass up. I hope they added that blurb knowing that they were making fun of their character.


  1. It's finally here! Remember when we made fun of this months ago???

    I do believe this started the whole "embarrassed to be a fanboy" selection of the month.

    Tell me you didn't buy the book!

  2. I have no issues with bosomy characters, but what power does this woman have that she can hold that dress up? It makes it look like her breasts are another butt. And her spine! My sympathies extended to a fellow scoliotic.

  3. Also, doesn't she have nipples or areolas?

  4. notintheface - apparently not