Thursday, June 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

I was listening to the news about various problems with our imported goods from China. The tainted dog food, tainted toothpaste, sub-standard tires and other issues. China had to shut down a lot of their food processing plants due to toxins being discovered in the food supply. Yet as a country we continue to allow the Chinese (and other countries) to bring in their goods to us with less regulations and control then our products.

I heard about a law firm that is actively teaching companies how to circumvent rules to allow them to hire foreign workers and not Americans as this keeps their cost down.

Energy prices have continued to go up and yet the cost of living index no longer reflects the energy component so when it is reported on it by the media it appears to be less then what it is in reality.

Greenspan has warned of the looming fiscal crisis in this country and the ruling elite have continued to put their heads up their collectives a** and ignore the problem.

Corporations are soulless entities with decisions being made by group think as opposed to a responsible single party. I believe the saying is, a camel was a horse designed by committee. Also corporations are now global entities and are interested in themselves only and no longer have American interest at their core.

The global world order push will lead to a 10% (best case 20%) elite class and a working class as the rest of us.

What is insane is that all of these self enriching schemes and steps that are occurring are a zero sum game as ultimately you will reduce the population to a state that they can no longer afford your products.

Our economy has been in go mode for awhile and much of it has been funded by cheap interest rates and higher and higher valuations of our homes. These things are cycles and what goes up eventually comes down. Plus we are in so much debt as a country and as individuals it is beyond insane.

The net message that I have with this random thoughts /rant is that we are heading for a crisis and what form it takes and how hard the system comes crashing down and when are the only questions I have at this point.

I was encouraged by the defeat of the Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill, that maybe when pushed into a corner our politicians can be forced to do the right thing. Still vote against the incumbents, throw the bums out and start with a new set.

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