Friday, June 22, 2007

Heroes for Hire - Is it Already Over?

Comics Book Resources ( had a link about Heroes for Hire #15 on their front page. That link has been removed. The brief one liner implied the series was going through let another revamp (which would be three in just 15 issues) or the book has been cancelled and Marvel was smartly using WW Hulk as a method of ending the book with a bang and not a whimper. My sidekick Lee (well he is the junior member and he likes to wear short pants (why he has to shave his legs is odd), so I think of him as Robin to my Batman) brought this link to my attention. The official hype line from Marvel is "World War Hulk has arrived…and The Heroes For Hire will be no more.Some will die.Some will live.The only thing certain is that the future just got a lot DEADLIER!HEROES FOR HIRE #15Rated T+ …$2.99On-Sale In October!"

So did they pull it because it was a day early or something. It is a shame if this is the last issue as Zeb Wells writing was getting my attention. I hope it is just killing off one of the characters as a nice little sales gimmick to grab people's attention.
Still the September solicitations have just come out and releasing an October solicitation the same week seems a little redundant and maybe a little overkill (pun intended).
If the book is cancelled I think it lends credence to the theory that many companies and DC has recently adopted, that certain books are better off as a series of mini-series. 30 Days of Night, Desperadoes, Hellboy and many other titles seem to thrive that way. If this means we get eight issues a year and the four part series comes out on time with the same creative team, it might be the right thing to do for many books.

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