Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Best to Worst of Last Week

I enjoy this exercise every week; it is a fun way for me to judge what I have read during the week. Ultimately it is very hard to rank a light hearted book versus a serious book, but all ratings are subjective. This was not as strong of a week as last week, with a lot of decent books, but few stand out books.

World War Hulk #1 (of 5) – This book had some problems and I’m not a Romita fun, but this was an out and out comic book. The Hulk beat the crap out of Black Bolt and Iron Man. I hope the rest of the series holds up.
Green Arrow #75 – Great ending to a really great run from the One Year Later start to now one of the best runs on a GA book ever.
Fables #62 – This book just continues to be excellent. Wonderful series.
Stormwatch PHD #8 –Really good issue and great shock ending.
Nova #3 – This book has been three really good issues in a row – great launch to a series.
Countdown #46 – I know that the fans are divided on this book, but I’m on the “I really like it” side.
Tag Cursed #4 (of 5) – Eddie is not a typical central character, but his quest is coming to an end. Can he stop the curse?
Green Lantern Corps #13 – I enjoyed the curing of Mogo – the planet GL and Bzzd is a cool GL also.
Dominion #2 (of 5) – Another winning book out of Boom Studios. Enjoying the regular man hero in this series.
Trials of Shazam #7 (of 12) – Really a good series and I hope DC has plans for Freddy after this is over.
Gen 13 #9 – This issue was my favorite so far in the run.
JLA Classified #39 – The Kid Amazo story has been well done so far.
Grifter/Midnighter #4 (of 6) – Just a solid action/adventure by Dixon and Benjamin.
Hero by Night #4 (of 4) – Nice little series and origin of the main character. Still not sure if I will get another mini-series as the art was too cartoony for the story. Still well done and shows promise for the writer.
Sub-Mariner #1 (of 6) – A nice start to the series.
Hawkgirl #65 – This book is moving up right before it dies with #66.
Loveless #18 – I like this book, but really need to read it as a trade to get the right feel to it.
Batman Confidential #6 – A fun arc.
Justice #12 (of 12) – The ending brought the book up, but still as a series it failed. As a complete story in a hard cover it will be better.
Superman/Batman #36 – This was only saved at all because of having the Metal Men in it, but really a bad story and the art was not good.
Mystic Arcana Magik – Two stories and both were pretty bad.
New Avengers #31 – I don’t care that it had a big reveal about Skrulls in it, this book sucks eggs. Story and art both are failures.
Punisher War Journal #8 – I cancelled the book after this issue. Total trash.

The demarcation line has done its job for me with Punisher War Journal being a casualty. New Avengers is a hard one to cancel as it is so central to what happens in Marvel, but it could still beat out the odds and have me cancel it. Mystic Arcana is a four part series and I think that one issue may have been enough. Justice is over and Superman/Batman may bite the dust very soon.

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