Saturday, June 02, 2007

Self Editor

Sometimes we need to not say some things. Now often I say the stuff I should not say, but have gotten better over the years. Yesterday at work I was sorely tempted to turn off my self editor, but I did not.

A younger lady (who is okay looking, but not very good or drop dead gorgeous or anything, also not a troll) was wearing a brown top and a brown pair of pants. The brown was a dull flat brown and the clothes were not form fitting (nothing to really fit too - see things we should not say). She was standing in front of a copy machine in the mail room and no one else was around. I don't know her that well other then to say hi to her. The thought that ran through my mind and was cracking me up was "Hi Mary, you look like sh*t." Now this just was killing me not to say it, but since she does not know me I thought better of it. I have a friend whose self-editor is apparently broken and he is always saying the wrong thing. I told this to two women I work with and they agreed it was funny and that I shouldn't have said it. I mean really how mean is it to hear someone you barely know say you look like sh*t, but still it is funny.


  1. you're a bad bad man.... it must be where I get it from

  2. I don't get why would that be funny. There is no way that would be funny.

  3. Dear No-Name. Apparently it has been said to you before... sheesh.

    It would have been funny to hear Jim say it... It would have been funnier to hear Jim trying to explain it to his boss "Bu... Bu... I thought she would laugh!"

    The scary part.... If Jim has "learned" to not say such things, what has he said in the past to learn the lesson!

  4. Might be better phrased "Hey, you look like a giant turd!" or "is that your Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo costume?"

    The world would be more fun if we could get away with turning off our self editor for a bit. ;)

  5. Arielle - I love "is that your Mr. Hanky costume" line. LOL