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DC Preview Review for August

Jim: This looks like it might be a decent month, but I’m really hoping to try and keep it down when it comes to hard covers and trades as I realized recently I will never have time to re-read everything I own right now.
Lee: First, it’s not about reading it’s all about owning so BUY MORE!!!! Second, I’m so bored with both Secret Invasion and Final Crisis that I need new ways to entertain myself. I know, Jim needs a new nickname so I shall dub him Jimmy-J, or various other things throughout this review. Now let’s see how many different names I can use it!!!
Gwen: Wow Lee, how are you already bored with Secret Invasion? It hasn't been around that long. Not that I'm reading it, but still.

Written by Greg RuckaArt by Philip Tan, Jeff De Los Santos & Jonathan GlapionCovers by Philip TanGreg Rucka (52, Whiteout, THE QUESTION: THE FIVE BOOKS OF BLOOD) and rising superstar Philip Tan unleash the wrath of God in this FINAL CRISIS tie-in!With the end of creation nigh, Crispus Allen must embrace his role as The Spectre by exacting God's vengeance on some of the DC Universe's most vile sinners. But even as Allen struggles with his duty, a new threat is arising " one that only his former partner, Renee Montoya, a.k.a. The Question, can help him fight!On sale August 13 • 1 of 5 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US
Jim: I know Lee and Gwen will roll their eyes about this book being another add-on, but when you consider DC has only three or four add-on mini-series and one or two one shot specials, that compared to the crap Secret Invasion is doing, this is tame. Plus DC is putting all “A” list writers on these series.
Lee: Jimmy-J, I thinks youze has rosey glasses because you’re a big DC geek. Final Crisis is every bit as overblown and gluttonous as Secret Invasion. Same thing different characters.
Gwen: Actually having finally read the GCPD stuff this is kind of intriguing.

Written by Geoff JohnsArt by George Pérez & Scott KoblishCovers by George PérezFrom the moment Kal-El landed on earth until the end of time, the Time Trapper has sought to erase Superman’s impact on the universe. But the Legion of Super-Heroes have always been there to stop him. This time, though, even the Legion won’t be enough. The Time Trapper has found the ultimate weapon to carry out his plan " a twisted mirror image of the boy of steel from a parallel Earth long dead: Superboy-Prime! Who will answer the Legion’s call for help? Find out here as the Crisis of the 31st century begins!On sale August 20 • 1 of 5 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US
Jim: Now according to the LITG gossip column the plans for the Legion from this series caused Shooter to quit the Legion book he was writing. I would be upset if I were Shooter also, as you would think that a title set 1,000 years in the Future would be left alone, but such is not the case. I love the Legion so this is a no-brainer for me.
Lee: I’m not that big a Legion fan but I am a Superboy-Prime hater so this is a pass. The cyborg Superman is bad enough without having Superboy Prime floating around too.
Gwen: That sucks about Shooter =/ I'm excited about this series because I love the Legion of Superheroes - all three versions! I hope it turns out well.

Written by Brad MeltzerArt and covers by Adam Kubert & John DellNew York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer (IDENTITY CRISIS, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA) makes his return to the DC Universe " and superstar artist Adam Kubert (ACTION COMICS) is riding shotgun!The final battle is quickly approaching. How do the heroes of the DCU prepare for the end? Whom do they approach and say goodbye to before they make the ultimate sacrifice? Featuring the entire DC Universe, Meltzer takes us deep into the hearts and psyches of our heroes. It's the day before you die. What would you do?On sale August 27 • 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US
Jim: Now while I did order this book, which sort of replaces Final Crisis on the schedule while that book takes its planned month off, this looks to be a snooze-fest.
Lee: AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHH, Jumping J-J-J-Jimmy you kill me. It looks like a snooze fest and I know you weren’t thrilled with Meltzer’s writing but you ordered it anyway? That makes no sense. Aren’t you the one that says we need to teach the Big Two a lesson by not buying all these mega crossovers?
Gwen: Reading this solicitation just confuses me. It doesn't look terribly interesting and I don't know enough of what's going to be happening during Crisis to care too much at this point.

Written by Grant MorrisonArt by Doug Mahnke & Christian AlamyCovers by Doug Mahnke and J.H. Williams IIITo save the woman he loves, the greatest hero of all time becomes the pawn of ultra-dimensional forces when a wounded emissary from a world of doomed super gods comes to Earth on the eve of the Final Crisis. His mission: To recruit Superman’s help against an epic, reality-spanning menace that originated in the Crisis on Infinite Earths!Join the Man of Steel and his alternate-earth counterparts for a mind-blowing voyage to the edge of the DC Universe " and beyond! Can these super champions overcome their differences to beat the clock, find the ultimate treasure and save all existence from extinction?Writer Grant Morrison and artist Doug Mahnke take you on an unforgettable, hyperdelic journey from the streets of Metropolis, through the 52 worlds of the multiverse, to the haunted court of the King of Limbo, in part one of this 2-issue Superman adventure!With a unique 3-D section, eye-popping visuals and mind-boggling glimpses into the mysteries behind FINAL CRISIS, SUPERMAN BEYOND takes the Man of Tomorrow to new dimensions of action and excitement! This issue comes with a pair of 3-D glasses!On sale August 27 • 1 of 2 • 40 pg, FC, $4.50 US
Jim: Normally I would say this is going too far with the Final Crisis stuff, but after reading All Star Superman, I can handle Morrison writing a Superman centric adventure tying into Final Crisis. I loved the 3-D stuff, but with wearing glasses it is a pain.
Lee: Oooohhh yes, I can see how this is different from Secret Invasion. Secret Invasion has lots of little mini-series at normal price while DC does fewer mini-series at higher prices. Completely different.
Gwen: Honestly this sounds like an advertisment for a bad D&D game, but Pops is right, Morrison does do a good job with Superman.

Written by Jim StarlinArt and cover by Jim Starlin & Al MilgromSpiraling out of the events of RANN/THANAGAR: HOLY WAR! Hawkman finds himself face to face with a force of unspeakable evil: Synnar. The things Hawkman will learn in the course of their confrontation may lead him to question his very existence!On sale August 6 • 40 pg, FC, $3.50 US
Jim: I absolutely love that Jim Starlin is back and doing so much work in super hero comics again. Now if they could just get that next Dreadstar book published.
Lee: I honestly have to say this is a month full of more silly comments by Jammin’ JJ Martin than normal. JJ, you know this book epitomizes pointless but you pick it anyway. Why, oh why, is there a single issue of Hawkman which is linked to the Rann/Thanagar series. I have no chance of understanding this story without getting the R/T series. Honestly, while I love Starlin, I see no point to this book.
Gwen: I like Starlin but Hawkman just lost all interest for me over the years with the constant random changes to his story.

Written by Will PfeiferArt by David Lopez & Alvaro LopezCover by Adam HughesThe not-so-long kiss goodnight! Catwoman’s trying to stay one step ahead of Batman, the police and the supervillains of Gotham City, but in this final issue she’s going to have to doublecross one of them. Will they be able to live with it? And will she still be standing when the smoke has cleared?On sale August 27 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • FINAL ISSUE
Jim: This book was picked so I can say farewell to a series that was good almost every time out. This started with Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke doing the book and then Will Pfeifer and David Lopez. One hell of a run and a very good and often great series.
Lee: I agree, I have most of this series and it’s always been good. But, never fear because you can always get the trades if you missed it the first time around.
Gwen: I haven't gotten the chance to read this stuff, but it's too bad it's ending because everyone I know who reads it enjoys it.

Written by Grant MorrisonArt by Frank Quitely & Jamie GrantCover by Frank QuitelyThe Man of Steel has faced twelve super-challenges. Now, as Lex Luthor’s brilliant, criminal machinations come together, what fate awaits the doomed Superman? This is the final, dramatic chapter of the incredible, award-winning 12-issue run of ALL STAR SUPERMAN by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant " don’t miss it!On sale August 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Jim: This run will go down as one of the greatest, if not the greatest Superman story ever done.
Lee: It’s good. I’m waiting for the hc.
Gwen: I am very interested to see how this all wraps up.

Written by Michael Green & Mike JohnsonArt by Rafael AlbuequerqueCover by Ryan SookThe Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are shocked to discover little versions of themselves fighting a threat in Metropolis. But where did these tiny heroes come from? As Superman and Batman search for answers, things get worse with the arrival of the Li’l League!On sale August 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Jim: This looks too funny. This should be a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from so much of the dramatic stuff going on elsewhere.
Lee: This is all you, Jimmy-J. All you.
Gwen: This could go either way, but it looks amusing.

Written by Robert Kanigher, Bob Haney, Gardner Fox, Neal Adams, Cary Bates, Len Wein and Howard LissArt by Neal Adams, Joe Kubert, Nick Cardy, Dick Dillin, Steve Harper and Vince CollettaCover by Neal AdamsAt last, it’s here " the first of three hardcover volumes collecting nearly every DC Comics story and cover by Neal Adams not already collected in GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW, BATMAN or DEADMAN titles! Featuring rarely seen stories from OUR ARMY AT WAR #182, 183 and 186, STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES #134 and 144, DETECTIVE COMICS #369, TEEN TITANS #20-22, ACTION COMICS #425, SUPERMAN #254, WEIRD WAR TALES #12 and 13 and more!Advance-solicited; on sale October 22 • 192 pg, FC, $39.99 US
Jim: I know Lee is the art guy, but I’m a sucker for anything by Neal Adams and DC has me lined up for there volumes of this material. Can’t wait for the Spectre material.
Lee: JiveTime Jim picking an art book. Will wonders never cease? I love Neal Adams too and I love the lower price tag. I’ll be getting it but I wonder how it will read as a collection.
Gwen: I have the GL/GA runs so I'm happy with that.

Written by Marv WolfmanArt and cover by George Pérez & Romeo TanghalThe 1980s adventures continue in this final Archive edition, collecting NEW TEEN TITANS #21-27 and NEW TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1! Don’t miss the Titans’ struggle against the hordes of Brother Blood, Starfire’s confrontation with her evil sister and more! Advance-solicited; on sale October 29 • 224 pg, FC, $49.99 US
Jim: Glad to see that the Archives program is not gone, just trimmed back. This is certainly a good series to keep going for a little while longer.
Lee: They need to do NTT up through the Terra/Deathstroke storyline. This is some of my favorite material ever and some of the best written comics ever. Well worth your investment.
Gwen: The Terra arc is one of the best Titans arcs. I loved the Titans during that era.

Written by VariousArt by Dick Dillin, Charles Cuidera and Sheldon MoldoffCover by DillinThe 1950s adventures of The Blackhawks are collected for the first time in this new volume featuring stories from BLACKHAWK #108-127!Advance-solicited; on sale October 1 • 512 pg, B&W, $16.99 US
Jim: I’m very unfamiliar with this material, so I’m actually going to get it to see what is what. I hope they leave the politically incorrect Chinese member as Chop-Chop. I know that it is offensive, but for historical accuracy sake it should be left alone.
Lee: And now a special pick by Geriatric Jim, oooolllldddd Blackhawk material. And, in case you are wondering, I already have the Archives of the 1940’s Blackhawks. I just wonder how good the reproduction will be given the age of the material.
Gwen: I've never read this stuff although I am a bit curious since I really like Zinda in Birds of Prey.

Written by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Christos GageArt by Simon Coleby and Trevor HairsineCover by Simon ColebyThe Authority has survived the cataclysmic events following NUMBER OF THE BEAST " but just barely! Do they have a hope of rebuilding their “finer world,” or is that hope dead and gone? Don’t miss the beginning of an astounding new direction for the series! Plus: Part 2 of the John Lynch backup story that began in WILDCATS: WORLD’S END #1, written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis)!On sale August 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Jim: How many times are they going to try to get this series up and running again.
Lee: I think they do it just so you can complain about it month in and month out. That’s what I think. It’s a vast conspiracy to get Jimmy-J.
Gwen: Wow, I just don't care about this book at all.

Written by Frank SpotnitzArt by Brian DenhamPhoto coverVariant cover by Brian DenhamThe hit motion picture and television franchise returns to comics! With July's release of the brand-new X-Files blockbuster, WildStorm joins Mulder and Scully in a previously untold story from the film’s cowriter and producer Frank Spotnitz! Don’t miss this supernatural epic so large it will leave you screaming for more!Retro-solicited; on sale July 23 • 40 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Jim: I think the time for this series has passed and that this is no longer a winning concept.
Lee: It’s because they’re out to get out the Jim-ster.
Gwen: This is another book on the 'don't care' shelf.

AIR #1
Written by G. Willow WilsonArt and cover by M.K. PerkerLadies and gentlemen, there’s been a change in our flight plan.You may have heard of a group called the Etesian Front " vigilantes dedicated to taking the skies back from terrorism. Sounds like a noble cause, right? But there’s more to them than meets the eye.They’re after someone I know. Someone who is either an average frequent flier " or a terrorist. And he’s got a secret. Something that will change the way we fly " and the way we see technology " forever.To find him, we’ve altered course. We’re en route to a country that doesn’t exist on any maps. Only one person knows how to get us there: me.My name is Blythe, and I’ll be your stewardess today. So buckle your seatbelts " this will be the flight of your life.This extra-sized debut issue features the series’ regular cover price of $2.99 US.On sale August 20 • 40 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
Jim: A 40 page comic for $3, nice. I like this concept and it sounds interesting. I feel like Vertigo is almost an indie brand.
Lee: OH HO, Jazzy James, showing the love for the indies! Sounds too mysterious for me with very little hint of what the series is about. I wonder if this is part of the conspiracy to get the BIG “J”
Gwen: This looks neat and worth giving a shot at the price & page count.

These action figures, the first of two assortments totaling eight figures, are straight from the movie! Featuring exquisite sculpting and detailing, the first assortment of the WATCHMEN MOVIE action figures includes:
RORSCHACH • 6.25” hOZYMANDIAS • 6.75” hNITE OWL (Modern) • 6.75” hSILK SPECTRE (Modern) • 6.5” h
Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base.Packaged in a 4-color window box.
Advance-solicited; on sale January 28, 2009 * Action Figures * PI
Jim: With the movie coming out we will see lots of Watchmen type collectibles, but it is almost counter to what the series was all about.
Lee: Jimmy “Martini” Martin pointing out the oxymoron of a big budget Watchmen film. Who cares I want a Rorshhas.. Rorshacn.. I want one of the dude with the messed up face!
Gwen: I'm just wondering how good the movie will actually be - it's going to be hard to make it work right.

DC Direct’s wildly popular AME-COMI Heroines Vinyl Statue line continues as HAWKGIRL takes flight in 2009.
Kendra Shiera Saunders is the winged huntress who takes to the sky and soars above the clouds, wielding weapons both ancient and modern against enemies old and new.
This limited-edition, non-articulated, 9” PVC statue comes with a base, is packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook and is manufactured to order.
Advance-solicited; on sale January 14, 2009* Statue * $59.99 US
Jim: They don’t look like the character at all. Besides Lee who is buying these?
Lee: You’re comment REAKS of jealousy. You know you want one.
Gwen: Ugh.

Jim: It is not a bad month, I like that we still have the Archives program alive and well and I can’t wait for the Legion of Three Worlds Final Crisis Book.
Lee: Well, an ok month with something for everyone. Now, as for nicknames, I felt I did OK. Nothing really stuck though. It turned out to be surprisingly harder than anticipated. Gwen: Lee, I think you can easily do better with the nicknames. I'm really quite disappointed.

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