Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ultimates #4 (of 5) - A Review

Ultimates #4 (of 5) - Writer Jeph Loeb, Art Joe Madureira, Digital Paints Christain Lichtner. Sniff, sniff, sniff, what is that smell. Oh it’s Ultimates 3 #4. Wow, what a load of crap. Jeph Loeb appears to have lost all of his ability to tell a coherent story as this story was all over the place and I no longer care about any of the mysteries that have been introduced. Joe Mad is suppose to be this stellar artist and I would be willing to bet the actual penciled pages are possibly stunning, but the crappy digital paints and production values have turned the work into a muddled pile of murky sh*t that only Man-Thing would be happy living in. This was worth the “whatever” number of months wait? I’ll get the last issue just to complain about it, but this is a rancid piece of meat that even a vulture would get sick picking at.

This is the same review you will see next Tuesday as part of Best to Worst of Last Week, but I thought I would share my views on this mastercraptacular a little early.

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