Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews

Neozoic #5 (Red 5 Comics) *release date: 6/25*

This was my favorite issue so far. The raid on the city was somewhat overwhelming but with the dust settling and the pace slowing down I had more time to enjoy reading this issue. Lilli's team is dispersed throughout the city helping protect the people and trying to figure out the enemy. Lilli herself is outside the city walls and had the mysterious little girl in tow. I love this story, both for the story and the art. I can't wait to read next issue, and once there's a graphic novel it'll be fun to lend out to my friends.

Batman #677 (DC)

I really am trying to give Morrison's Batman a second chance. Really. This storyline is not interesting me at all though. I'm half tempted to set the book aside until the initial RIP story arc is over and read it all together - maybe then it will make more sense. Still, if any of the Batman being his own arch-nemesis mumbo jumbo turns out to be the case I don't think I'll be able to read this at all. I mean, didn't Batman finally get fixed after 1 year later? I really prefer Dini's Batman to Morrison's. I also don't care for Jezebel Jet, I find her to be somewhat generic as a character. The jury is still out on this storyline. Art's nice though.

Action Comics #865 (DC)

I liked this issue, it kind of reminds me of what Dini did with a lot of Batman's rogue gallery when he came on board Detective. It was a nice one shot featuring Toyman. I really enjoyed The Batman person vs Superman person thing. I loved Toyman begging Superman to take him in while Batman carts him off to Arkham.

Fables #73 (Vertigo)

I love Fables, this book is always an good read. This issue starts of the actual war story of Fabletown attacking the Adversary. I liked Blue as the messenger travelling between all the areas to report. A good start to the battle to come.

Blue Beetle #27 (DC)

I really enjoy the character of Jamie Reyes overall, but this was a slow issue. I'll give the new writer time to find a more solid direction but but this issue wasn't terribly exciting. High school losers summoning demons to get revenge isn't exactly an original idea - nor has it ever really been done well - probably because it's a lame premise. I'm more interested in Jamie and Traci's relationship and that seemed to be going nowhere.

Legion of Superheroes #42 (DC)

This was a fun issue - the major plot moved forward somewhat and it was fun to see Ultra Boy in action. As much as the dumb Ultra Boy is somewhat amusing it's hard for me to like a character that has no brain, so it was nice to see that Jo is still good at some things. Atom Girl and Colossal Boy's creative attacks were also amusing. The uniform change mystery is a fun background plot and the UP's plans for the Legion are also growing. I love how so many stories can advance at once in the Legion, it's always been a strong point for this series. The art's well done although everyone looks older since Kitson left the book.

X-Men First Class #12 (Marvel)

This was another excellent issue in this series. Angel finding a secret land thanks to his explorer Aunt and being able to be himself was a very sweet story. I always liked Angel's character before he was messed up and I also like the idea of hidden civilizations so this issue worked for me on several levels.

Final Crisis #1 (DC)

While I like that this isn't a huge in your face crisis I can't say that I got much out of this issue. I'm having a hard time keeping track of what's going on where and there's so much plot jumping it was hard to follow. Like with Morrison's Batman I think it'd be better to set this aside and read it once the whole thing is out. Nice art though.

All Star Superman #11 (DC)

Another fun issue in this series. I especially enjoyed Lex's niece bent on world domination - it was a nice touch. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this story.

Ultimate Spiderman #122 (DC)

It's so much easier to enjoy the Marvel books that aren't steeped in Secret Invasion etc. I love Kitty Pryde in this book and this issue was a nice stand alone story while still staying in the more or less 'real time' feel of this series. Overall Ultimate Spiderman has grown on me.

Green Lantern #31 (DC)

This has been a fun reworking of Hal Jordan's origin. Entertaining and well executed, but still an origin rewrite. As much as it's been fun I'd like to get back to the newer stories.

This was a good week, nothing that I disliked too much. This wasn't all I read, just the first books I finished. As for Crisis 3.0 I'm not too interested, except for the Legion stuff that's coming out :)


  1. Good post - it is nice to see another view point on these books.

    I like your format also.

  2. I dropped Green Lantern since I found a 6-issue origin story to be completely unnecessary, not to mention expensive.