Friday, June 13, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews

Justice Society of America #16 (DC)

While I enjoyed this issue I find myself somewhat worried about the direction this plot is heading. I'm just not a fan of the whole benevolent God-figure who's actually going to bring nothing but pain and misery... or as an alternative try to establish a tyrannical reign in which life is technically peaceful but only at the expense of freedom... yadda yadda yadda. I've seen this too many times before. Hopefully it'll turn out to be some new take on this type of story or something. This is a good comic, so here's hoping.

Nightwing #145 (DC)

This book has come far from the days of D. Grayson and OYL. While now a solid book I am concerned with how much of a solid foundation Nightwing will be able to maintain with all the upcoming Batman upheavals. The current plot has been decent and I like seeing the Bat team working well together again. I'm not entirely certain why so many books need to tie into Ras al Ghul these days though. I did like Nightwing one upping Talia though. Even if it was odd (and maybe kinda creepy) to watch him spying on his own girlfriend.

Manhunter #31 (DC)

Yay! Manhunter is back!!! This is a really well done series and I'm so happy DC brought it back. I liked that we were given a review of previous issues to start off with. I didn't need too much of a refresher but it should help out new readers. If you didn't try this book out last time I'd highly recommend it to practically any comic fan. Manhunter is a pretty cool character, not to mention a good supporting cast, consistent writing and good art :)

Supergirl #30 (DC)

Why do I keep reading this book?!? This wasn't a bad one shot story all considered, but damn, it was random. Aren't we in the middle of a storyline here? WTF? Also if there was some message about Kara in Jor-el's crystals wouldn't Superman haven known about here before her S&B introduction? All considered I'd have preferred to skip a month of this book rather than have a random unexplained filler issue.

Robin/Spoiler Special #1 (DC)

I'm not a Spoiler fan. That said I enjoyed the first half of this one shot. It was a fun Robin story and Steph and Tim work well together as vigilantes. Why Steph wants Tim to hang out with the punk crowd I don't know, but that was just odd. Also, it seems strange to me that while Steph is a blond haired blue eyed kid in fairly tame clothing her friends have mohawks, fishnet shirts, all sorts of piercings and look like they haven't seen the sun in years. I remember high school, kids are pretty judgmental, they usually all conform to the dress code of their crowd. But whatever. Beyond that the opening story was well done. The back up story about Steph's time in Africa was just silly, but then so is the idea that she didn't die. Anyway, This is a well done one shot, I'm just still wondering why bringing Spoiler back was necessary.

Tales From Wonderland: The Mad Hatter (Zenescope)

This story was crude and disgusting and failed to have a single redeeming quality outside of the art. The above cover art reminds me of an episode of Star Trek though.

Trinity #1 (DC)

A good start. Considering how little we have to work with so far I can't say more than that. Both of the storylines introduced well well executed and illustrated. It's hard to see Morgaine le Fay without thinking of the JLA cartoon though as that's the main exposure I've had to her character. I liked the meeting in Keystone, that was cute.

Atom #24 (DC)

I'm really sad that this book has been canceled. I really like Ryan as the Atom and hope he joins the JLA or something so I can still read about him. This issue was the second to last in this story arc and as such was fairly busy. The cliffhanger ending was nicely done though and one can only wonder if there's any way for Ryan to win this fight - even with help.

Young X-Men #3 (Marvel)

This book is so bizzare. I agree with Jim, Cyclops must be a Skrull. I have a hard time following this book so far but I give it until the end of this first storyline before I give it over to Lee.

Detective Comics #845 (DC)

I love this book. Paul Dini writes a great Batman. This was an excellent one shot story while still working into the bigger picture. I hope Dini can continue to write this well as R.I.P bleeds over into Detective Comics. The Catwoman cameo was fun, and I really enjoyed the online mystery chat group, that was hilarious.

Grimm Fairy Tales #27 (Zenescope)

UGH. I don't think I can take much more of Belinda. Really. I mean, these stories were dark before, but at least with Sela they served a purpose. Now it's just mindless and hardly relates to the core fairy tales at all.

House of Mystery #2 (Vertigo)

Ah, the best for last. This book is awesome so far. The ongoing plot is intriguing and the 'payment' stories are completely outlandish but a lot of fun. The art is also excellent. I can't wait to see where Willingham is going with this book!

I think I read the Zenescope books out of morbid curiosity these days more than anything... but mostly I just keep hoping they'll get better again. *sigh* Marvel is almost beneath my notice at this point (with a few exceptions, such as X-Factor) and while I've been enjoying DC I find myself nervous about Batman R.I.P and how it will effect the other Bat books I enjoy. Only time will tell.

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  1. I had to chuckle at your comments on the JSA, given Jim's view of the US government in a similar light.