Friday, June 20, 2008

Indies Preview Review for August Part 2 of 3

The middle part of what is probably our favorite posts of the month as you ALWAYS find something great and a little different with this group.

Pistolfist #2 by J.S. Earls, David A. Flanary, Jr & Andres Guinaldo
Pistolfist's escape attempt results in deadly, unforeseen repercussions. Meanwhile, Benjamin Franklin is forced to consider his son's involvement with the Redcoats' lethal agenda. Further revelations of Pistolfist's past and a surprise ending complete this follow-up to the stunning debut!
FC Comic, $3.99, Previews here
Lee: I don’t know how we missed this the first time but superheroes (sorta) in Revolutionary War times. This really is an era that there are few stories about. The art looks good and the idea is great so it’s worth trying out at least one issue.
Jim: I know I have seen this before I just can’t remember where. I don’t know something about the concept is not working for me, but I wish I could remember where I read preview pages or something.

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Vol. 05: Dead Man's Jest SC
Master of mirthful mayhem, Matt Groening, meets the Monsters of Rock (Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, and Rob Zombie) in a heavy metal, Halloween-inspired rock 'n' roll odyssey of head-banging, tongue- wagging, dead-raising frights and frivolity. Even "Mr. Nice Guy" Pat Boone gets in a "metal mood" with a twisted tale of dastardly demons and righteous redemption. From donut batter to ghoulish splatter, you'll be tricked and treated to a chaotic comic collection chock-full of thunder-clapping hell spawn, chainsaw-toting monkeys, televisions run amuck, bible camp ghost stories, lime-flavored Squishee monsters, toilets of the damned, vampire tombs, the Evil Eye, and a very special tribute to EC Comics, the forebears of witty horror and suspense comic storytelling. It's the Halloween Jam of the Century that'll blow your mind and rock your soul!
Pages: 128, 7x10, FC, $15.95
Lee: I don’t read Simpsons comics on a regular basis but I always stop in for the Halloween special. Bongo gets some of the industries top names to do sill EC-parody, horror stories that will greatly amuse you. This is funny stuff.
Jim: I will pass, but the Simpsons are truly a phenomenal success and have so much more staying power then anyone would have predicted.

BOOM Studios
Enigma Cipher SC by Andrew Cosby, Michael Alan Nelson & Greg Scott
Casey Williams and her fellow grad students have a rather interesting homework assignment: decrypt a recently discovered Nazi code left over from World War II. But as they begin their work, those connected with it are found dead. Casey knows that there's more to the "Enigma Cipher" than map coordinates from a sixty-year-old war, but in order to save her own life, she'll have to crack the code.
Jim: This was a terrific story and well worth picking up as a trade.
Lee: Nelson is writing Fall of Cthulhu which is excellent. Greg Scott did the art for X Isle which was good. Boom has a good track record for quality books so this is an easy sell. I am slightly surprised that Boom has started the direct to trade approach though.

Boy's Club #1 by Matt Furie
Teenage monsters Andy, Brett, Landwolf, and Pepe are always drinkin', stinkin', and never thinkin'. These four best friends spend their day-to-day lives together playing Nintendo, eating pizza, and having the occasional psychedelic metamorphosis. Filled with stories about friendship, kiwis, and video games, Boy's Club will make you want to dig out your Air Force Ones and rejoice! This hilarious and wildly popular hard-to-find first issue was originally published by Teenage Dinosaur in 2007, and is now widely available for the first time!
B&W Comic, $4.95
Visit the artist here,
Lee: This looks interesting. It certainly sounds like modern day teenagers. The question is do I, as a married father of three want to read about it. If I’m wavering I can only wonder what a Grandfather would think. Jim?
Jim: Ain’t Grandpa yet and have nothing on the horizon. It could be funny, but does not sound like it is targeted for a different demographic.

Complete Jack Survives HC by Jerry Moriarty
The definitive collection of Jerry Moriarty's celebrated comic strip Jack Survives! This oversized, full-color edition gathers all of the strips and presents them as the author intended. Moriarty's painted comics offer slice-of-life vignettes that express a somehow fanciful yet deadpan take on the humor inherent in everyday moments. Since Jack Survives first appeared in Art Spiegelman's groundbreaking anthology RAW in the '80s, it has been lauded for Moriarty's innovative use of the comics medium. This long-awaited deluxe volume gives these comics new life.
Pages: 80, 11x14, FC, $29.95
I couldn’t find any examples of Jack but I found some art examples here
Lee: Maybe I should just say that Chris Ware loves this book. If you know who Chris Ware is, and like his work then you’ll probably like this. I have no doubt this will be a fantastic read but I wonder if I have an extra $30 to take the chance.
Jim: Chris Ware does not ring a bell land therefore this will not go home with me. The cover art makes it an easy pass.

Catastrophic Comics
Spark #3 (of 6) – by Christopher Folino & Jm Ringuet

William Katt's monthly superhero noir thriller continues as masked vigilante Ian Sparks reaches his darkest hour just as a figure from his past resurfaces.
Jim: This is a great series and I have had the privilege to read issue #3 & #4 already. I can’t wait for issue #5. Film noir, done with a golden age super hero twist – FANTASTIC! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Lee: Agreed. One of the best new books to emerge in the last 6 months.

Iznogoud Vol. 02: Caliph's Vacation GN by R. Goscinny & Tabary
Legend has it that in Baghdad the magnificent, a great and particularly dark-minded vizier, who answers to the name of Iznogoud, works on his ambition to steal the throne of Caliph Haroun al-Plassid. Thus his favourite saying: "I want to be caliph instead of the caliph!" Iznogoud, seconded by his faithful servant Wa'at Alahf, goes on vacation with the caliph - in the desert! Of course, his goal is to get rid of him by any means necessary!
Pages: 48, FC, $11.95
Lee: I just finished reading Iznogoud vol 1 not that long ago and laughed myself silly. It reminds me of the old Road Runner cartoons when Wiley Coyote had crazy ideas to catch the Road Runner. In this case, Iznogoud, has grander and crazier ideas on how to overthrow the Caliph and sit on the throne himself.
Jim: It maybe hilarious but I never enjoyed cartoons as comic books. Lee should do a review.

Scorpion Vol. 01: Devil's Mark GN by Stephen Desberg & Enrico Marini
Rome the beautiful is dying, the symbol of civilization falling, the empire burning. Hidden from massacres and looting, a strange meeting is held by nine families who share the Roman Empire. To retain their power, they decide to support a new religion - Christianity - as well as its representative, the Pope. But who are these 9 mysterious families? Centuries later, during the Renaissance, a brigand called The Scorpion makes a living by unearthing relics in the depths of the Roman catacombs, which he sells at high prices to princes and bishops. Trebaldi, a powerful cardinal, takes an interest in this Scorpion, who is either a creature of the devil or a witness to a cursed era, who must disappear! Pages: 96, FC, $19.95
More about Marini here
Lee: I have to say the Cinebook is becoming a favorite publisher very, very quickly. I’ve recently started to find all these great European books and they have been great. It’s such a breath of fresh air when compared to American superheroes. I’ve not heard of this but the art looks fantastic so I’m going to take a chance on it. I haven’t been disappointed by anything from Cinebook yet so I doubt I will be by this either.
Jim: Nice to hear you recommend this publisher Lee. Once you know a company has delivered a quality product before it make it easier to order in the future. I’ll trust BOOM, IDW and some other companies to always deliver a quality product, so if I like the premise at all it is easy to give it a go.

Desparado Publishing
Detectives Inc. - Don McGregor & Marshall Rogers
In anticipation of the upcoming original Detectives, Inc. graphic novel, Desperado offers this deluxe hardcover of Don McGregor and Marshall Rogers' gripping tale of the most explosive hero in comics! Together, Ted Denning and Bob Rainier are the New York-based agency, Detectives, Inc. Ted is the stable one, happily involved with Vera, and Bob is the morose loner, a city-dwelling Heathcliff trying to pick up the pieces of his life after his divorce. A midwife hires the investigators to find out who killed her lesbian lover, but they find much more than they bargained! Sometimes violent, yet oftentimes touching and emotional, A Remembrance of Threatening Green was at the forefront of the way comics were created, marketed and sold and stands today as one of the most important comics of the modern era! Also includes a look back at the creation of the project from series creator, Don McGregor.
Jim: I can’t remember if this was any good story wise or not as Don McGregor could overwrite books, but I loved his stuff when I was a teen-ager, so I’m probably getting this.
Lee: It’s not as overwritten as you would think. I already have the trade so I won’t be getting it in hc but I enjoyed it. Marshall Rogers was at the top of his game when he drew this so that’s a huge plus. It is slightly dated because crime comics have been pushed a long way since this was published. No matter what it’s worth reading.

Chopper Zombie GN by Todd Livingston and Thom Beers / Artist: Scott Keating

Sometimes it takes dying to really live! When a motorcycle builder refuses to sell his innovative fuel formula and engine design to a greedy corporation, he is murdered and his inventions are stolen! But what he died for also brings him back to life when he is drowned in his own fuel and he returns as a zombie -- giving him the skills and confidence to exact revenge and claim what is rightfully his! The Producer of MONSTER GARAGE and DEADLIEST CATCH and the writer of THE BLACK FOREST bring you the evolution of horror with CHOPPER ZOMBIE!
Pages: 144, FC, $18.99
Visit the artist here and of course the Chopper Zombie homepage here which has a 40 page preview
Lee: Oddly enough, The Black Forest which was published a few years ago, really wasn’t bad. So I have hope this may be well written. The art is solid and the 40 page preview is pretty entertaining too. I shocked to say this but Devil’s Due has had some good offerings lately.
Jim: Devil’s Due is a little hit and miss as a publisher, but I have like some of their offerings. I was impressed by their Golden Age Sheena reprint.

Silent Leaves Vol. 02: Exceptions to Life GN by Christopher Shy
Thy mythology of Silent Leaves continues as IAN learns more about her true nature. A war is brewing as the Prey return to destroy the last of humanity. Both sides are looking for IAN, as she battles sword against metal for her life. Will she survive long enough to save all of mankind? Another layer of this sci-fantasy epic is revealed!
Pages: 144, 7x10, FC, $19.99
Preview gallery here
Lee: DMF is another publisher that seems to have an interesting line of comics. I’m not really sure what to make of them but they sure do look pretty.
Jim: The cover is absolutely awesome. It makes me want to order volume 1, but $20 to “try” out a book is steep when I know nothing about the creator.

White Rapids GN by Pascal Blanchet

An Eisner Award-nominee! Founded in 1928 in an isolated region of Quebec forest, the northern Quebec town of White Rapids was constructed by the Shawinigan Water & Power Company to function as a fully-equipped, self-contained living community for workers at the nearby dam and their families. White Rapids provided its residents with all the luxuries of middle-class modem life in a pastoral setting until the town was abruptly shut down in 1971 when the company changed hands. In this English translation of his work, Blanchet seamlessly blends fact and fiction as he weaves together the official history of the town.
Pages: 156, 7x9, Part Color, $27.95
Visit the artist here
Lee: I really, really like the art in this book. I am a total art guy so this appeals to me a great deal. It’s just so different from everything else that’s out there that I can’t wait to see it. Actually, it reminds me of vintage Jazz records or tiki art. And, even though the hype is pretty bland it intrigues me. Maybe because it is so bland I’m curious to see what Blanchet is going to do with it. Finally, it was an Eisner nominee so it must have done something right. I’ve basically talked myself into it while writing this.
Jim: Eisner nominee, shmoninee. Just because a few idiots who write reviews on the internet like it means nothing to me. Oh crap, that describes us. Try it out – If Lee says it is good it must be!



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