Monday, June 30, 2008

Gamers - A Movie Review

Gamers – A film by Writer / Director Christopher Folino

Comics are wonderful and great things, but so are movies and I received a fantastic present recently because of my associating in the comic world in the form of the movie Gamers.

What a f**king funny movie. As I type this I’m laughing to myself just thinking of certain scenes. The premise is these four guys have been playing a D&D type game for almost 23 years and if they play one more time they will break the all time record.

The four central characters are Paul, Fernado, Gordon and Kevin. We also have the new guy Reese who has only been playing for the last five years. Add into that the named actors of John Heard, Beverly D’Angelo, Kelly LeBrock and William Katt and you had one heck of a great cast and a lot of fun.

The five guys are all total losers, living in parents basements, have nowhere jobs and yet all try to have some inflated self-worth by pretending to be what they are not. I think the highest salary among them is about $22,000 per year.

This movie takes the form of someone making a documentary of the guys so they talk about there lives and we get little flashbacks, but what makes this so frelling great are all the great comedy bits.

Airplane is one of my all time favorite comedy movies and this movie shares one of the best qualities that Airplane has - tons of great bits throughout the film.

We have clown porn, Reese’s tantrum at work over a character dying, Fernado’s job getting horse sperm, Gordon’s swinger parents, the prom night for the four horsemen, the KKK scenes as Kevin is oblivious to his Wizard robes causing a black dwarf a high degree of concern, the song I Love Dick, a party for a role playing character dying, Pagan Babies, singing to horses, a kill crazy Parakeet, a John Rocker jacket, Bunko night, Madden Football, Tilt/Zoom, Scrapbooks and more.

It starts off with a dry sense of humor, hits you with the outrageous and ultimately makes you really like some of the guys and you are happy for how one of their lives ends up.

I have not seen a funnier movie then Gamers in a very long time. I’m not a gamer, by any means, but it doesn’t matter as this movie works whether you know gaming or not. A well acted and a great script makes writer/director Chris Folino have what should become a hit on his hands.

This was a straight to DVD movie and it relies on word of mouth to really let people know about it, so give your self a treat, go out and buy this movie and have some laughs.

Get Gamers here.

Then laugh and laugh.


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  1. I'm looking forward to watching it (and from what it sounds like I'll be passing it around to all my friends down here - or maybe I'll host a movie night).