Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dark Horse Preview Review for June

Lee: Looks like it might be a good month for DH, some good covers, some text… and even the Space Family Robinson! And, I know everyone under 25 is now saying “who?”
Thomm: This is supposed to be June releases, right? Aren’t we two months ahead on the Space Family Robinson?

Joe R. Lansdale (W), Alice Henderson (W), Christopher A. Taylor (W), Jason Shawn Alexander (P/Cover), and Nathan Fox (P)
Run! Hide! Call the authorities! You’ll find all your efforts futile . . . It was foolish to think you could escape Creepy #6! There will be no mercy shown as you recoil in horror at tales brought to you by Joe R. Lansdale, Nathan Fox, Christopher A. Taylor, Jason Shawn Alexander, Alice Henderson, and more! Featuring 48 bone-chilling pages Creepy #6 will make your summer scream! On sale June 29, b&w, 48 pages, $4.99
Lee: This is one of the best horror covers since DC’s short lived Flinch series in the 90’s. Great stuff!
Thomm: I know a few people who would be creeped out just by the clown without an axe or a head in hand. Obviously they’re hitting where they’re aiming with this cover.
Eric Powell (W/A) and Dave Stewart (C)
The Goon’s been away for a while, and he’s horrified by what’s been passing for horror in his absence! When a bunch of gothy vampires summon some of the new generation for revenge on the Goon, they discover just how little tolerance he has for sparkliness. The Goon returns to its bimonthly schedule, and nothing beloved by ten-year-old girls is safe! On sale June 29, FC, 32 pages, $3.50
Lee: It’s nice to see the Goon return because it has been a long, long time. Of course, a bi-monthly schedule guarantees that I wait for trades. That’s just too long between issues.
Thomm: I bought one issue of Goon once, and once only. I had already bought several of the trades previously, and this just confirms why. Especially as I’m a latecomer to the Goon goodness, it’s much better to get large chunks of story all at once.

Del Connell (W) and Dan Spiegle (A)
“Come in, Earth Control! This is the Robinsons. A cosmic explosion has damaged our control system and we’re moving deeper into space! This is Space Station One. Do you copy?” The Robinsons might be far from Earth, but they certainly aren’t alone. Join America’s first outer-space family in a high-flying cosmic adventure as they meet wonderful and terrifying alien races as they attempt to get back home! Includes the beautiful, original painted covers by George Wilson! Collects Space Family Robinson #1-#7. On sale Aug 31, FC, 224 pages, $49.99, HC, 7" x 10"
Lee: I know that DH is reprinting all the old Gold Key material but Space Family Robinson? Seriously? Dan Spiegle is a great artist but even his work can’t convince me this is a worthwhile investment.
Thomm: Space comedy of the low bar sort. Not a lot of effort was put into this on TV or the comics. Not my cup of tea.

A hit man who kills with coincidence . . . A detective caught in a war between two worlds . . . A man whose terrible appetites hide an even darker secret . . . Dark Horse once again teams up with Hugo and Bram Stoker award-winning editor Ellen Datlow (Lovecraft Unbound) to bring you this masterful marriage of the darkness without and the darkness within. Supernatural Noir is an anthology of 16 original tales of the dark fantastic from twenty modern masters of suspense, including Brian Evenson, Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Nick Mamatas, Gregory Frost, Jeffrey Ford, and many more. On Sale June 22, Book, 336 pages 5 1/4" x 8", $19.99
Thomm: Speaking of excellent covers, this has elements of Poe but takes its own cool turn with the eyes of the woman and the raven. Or maybe it’s a crow. Either way, a nice use of the medium. A good line-up of talent for the interior, too, with 336 pages for a very reasonable price.
Lee: I find it interesting that for the second month in a row we picked a book from DH and not a comic book. This certainly looks interesting but is DH becoming more of a pure publisher and not just a comic book house?

Thomm: A bit of a theme here, but for the goofy Space Family Robinson. Dark Horse really has become a horror imprint in my mind. With the Mignola-verse and Goon being it’s two highest profile new titles, I guess that’s no surprise.
Lee: I’m not sure I understand DH’s niche in the market. They reprint old Gold Key material, publish books, make toys, and even do horror. It’s really hard to say they do any one thing.

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