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Marvel Preview Review for June Part 3 of 3

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Written by Mike Carey, Simon Spurrier
Penciled by Clay Mann, Steve Kurth, Khoi Pham, Carlo Barberi, Paul Davidson, Paco Diaz Luque, Mirco Pierfederici & Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Cover by Leinil Yu
In a world where the X-Men never existed and mutantkind has been hunted to extinction, the few remaining mutants have banded together to make their last stand. They spend each day securing the walls of their stronghold, Fortress X, beating back the anti-mutant forces who would see them wiped out. But when a conspiracy is discovered within Fortress X itself, could it be that mutantkind’s last bastion will crumble from the inside out? And when the dust settles? No one will be left unscathed. Plus: The Avengers, a team of heroes and heroines united against the mutant threat, have been ordered to hunt down Magneto and his army of fugitive mutants. But when the team is given a license to kill, not every member is up to the task. Who will kill, and who will be killed? You may just be surprised. Also featuring untold tales from the Age of X! Collecting Age Of X Alpha, X-Men Legacy #245-247, New Mutants #22-24, Age Of X Universe #1-2 And The Age Of X Historical Logs. 248 PGS./$29.99
Lee: As I've said, alternate histories are the bread & butter of the X-verse, and everything I've read about this one has been good so far. Easy to access story, left the readers wanting more, and good art. Now, there is still plenty of time for the story to go bad but I don't think it will. This is perfect for me.
Greg: Its actually a bit of a strange story so far. It may not be the alternate reality story it looks like. Definitely wait and see how the reaction is to it ending before picking this up, cause it could go either way.

Written by Erik Larsen, Eric Stephenson, Bruce, Timm, Tom Defalco, Kurt Busiek, Jeph Loeb & Stan Lee
Penciled by Erik Larsen, Bruce Timm, Keith Giffen, Jorge Lucas, Ron Frenz, Gordon Purcell, Tom Scioli, Shannon Denton, Mike Manley, Rick Veitch, Graham Nolan, Bill Wray, Paul Ryan, Frank Fosco, Dave Ross, Al Milgrom, Steve Rude & Dan Jurgens
Cover by Erik Larsen
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary run on Fantastic Four lasted more than one hundred issues — and ended all too soon! Now, witness the continuing adventures of Marvel’s First Family — told like Stan and Jack never left the book by some of comics’ most talented creators in this time-tossed tribute to the original Imaginauts! Featuring Dr. Doom, the X-Men, Daredevil, the Sub-Mariner, the Inhumans, M.O.D.O.K., the Hulk, Silver Surfer, Black Panther, the Avengers, Annihilus, Thor and more! Collecing Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comics Magazine 1-12. 280 PGS./ $34.99
Lee: If you refer to the Silverage as the "good old days," then this is the collection for you. A whole slew of creators aping Kirby and Lee's FF. It doesn't have a whole lot of redeeming qualities but it's a ton of pointless fun.
Greg: Yeah, I remember this being a better idea than reality. Still, that's an impressive creative roster. May be worth a look.

FANTASTIC FOUR: THE OVERTHROW OF DOOM PREMIERE HC Written by Len Wein, Roger Stern, Marv Wolfman & Bill Mantlo
Penciled by George PĂ©rez & Keith Pollard Covers by Jack Kirby & Keith Pollard
The Fantastic Four have been split up for months, facing multiple threats — such as the Texas Twister, Diablo, the Impossible Man and the Sub-Mariner — on their own! But with the deadly threat of Dr. Doom on the horizon, the team is reunited! Will Doom triumph? Will Latveria ever be the same? And who is the mysterious Invincible Man? Collecting Fantastic Four (1961) #192-200. 192 PGS./Rated A …$29.99
Lee: Maybe the Silverage isn't your cup of tea, maybe the Bronze age is your "good old days." If so, then this is the story for you. This was a great read and one of the storylines that started me collecting 100 plus issues of the FF.
Greg: I literally have no opinion on this.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled by Mark Bagley, Trevor Hairsine & Joe Quesada Cover by John Cassaday
And then there were six! They are genetically altered men with one thing in common: Spider-Man has beaten them all. Now, Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin), Dr. Otto Octavius (Dr. Octopus), Flint Marko (Sandman), Max Dillon (Electro) and Sergei Kravinoff (Kraven the Hunter) are being held together in a S.H.I.E.L.D. containment center. But they won’t be held for long. What happens when five of the world’s worst criminals escape and join forces? Who will they target as the sixth member of their deadly alliance? Spider-Man must do whatever it takes to make sure his family and friends are safe. But even with the Ultimates’ help, will that be enough? Collecting Ultimate Spider-Man #46 and Ultimate Six #1-7. 208 PGS./ $24.99
Lee: The final climactic fight is weak because we all know that Bendis can't write truely great action scenes. But the getting there is great fun. This will be a nice compliment to all my other USM hc's.
Greg: While Bendis is hardly the best action writer in the world, I always thought Hairstine let this one down. His sketchy style tries so hard to be Bryan Hitch and fails so, so miserably.

Written by Gerry Conway, Archie Goodwin & Bill Mantlo
Penciled by Ross Andru, Gil Kane, Jim Mooney, Frank Miller, Frank Springer, Sal Buscema & Mark Bagley Cover by Gil Kane
Remember the good old days when Spidey’s life wasn’t very complicated? When evil scientists like the Jackal sought to destroy him? When Gwen Stacy showed up on his doorstep, suddenly alive? When a morning spin in the Spider-Mobile was interrupted by an attack from Mysterio? When Carrion sought to strangle the life out of him time and again? See the original clone saga unravel as Spider-Man tries to keep up! Collecting AMAZING Spider-Man #139-150; and Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #25-31, #149, #162-163 & Annual #8 480 PGS./ $39.99
Lee: I'm thinking this might be a great book for my house. I have loved Spidey for years and the current storylines are just a wee bit too much for my kids. But, this should be perfect. This is bronze age Marvel goodness with lots of action, a little plot, and lots more action. It should be a perfect way to instill a love of Spidey in the kids.
Greg:Can we please, please, please stop going back to this storyline! Someone might try to do it again!

Lee: Marvel really has some good books this month. It's been awhile since I looked forward to the launch of a new series but between Ka-zar and Ghost Rider, there is something to look forward too.
Greg: ... Ok, that was more positive than I was expceting

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