Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marvel Preview Review for June Part 1 of 3

Lee: There are actually a lot of good books coming out this month from Marvel… too bad most of the covers are atrocious.
Greg: Oh, so close Lee. C'mon, you can be upbeat for once! Just try it, its fun.

ALPHA FLIGHT #1 (of 8)
Written by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente Penciled by Dale Eaglesham
Cover by Phil Jimenez
A Fear Itself maxi-series spinoff! Do you fear…your country turning on you? Alpha Flight has long been the protector of an entire nation…but what happens when that nation needs to be protected from itself? It’s the return of the original Alpha Flight! Sasquatch, Snowbird, Northstar and Aurora have been joined by their revived allies Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman, and Marrina as the paragons and protectors of an entire nation. But as Fear Itself takes over, their own country turns on the Flight and brands them traitors for the shocking actions of one of their closest allies. As the borders close and an entire nation hunts them down, will the newly reunited Alpha Flight survive? 40 PGS./ $3.99
Lee: Now this is something I can support. Pak & Van Lente have been turning out some great comics for the past couple of years and Eaglesham is a great artist. What’s not to love about this?
Greg: Canadians? Socialized Medicine?! SOCIALISM!?!?! WHAT KIND OF AMERICAN ARE YOU!?

CARS 2 #1 (of 2)
Written by Alessandro Ferrari
Penciled by Antonello Dalena & Valentino Forlini
In this thrilling new high-octane installment of the Cars saga, all the world’s a racetrack as superstar Lightning McQueen zooms back into action — with his best friend Mater in tow — to take on the globe’s fastest and finest. Mater and Lightning will need their passports as they find themselves in a world of intrigue, thrills and fast-paced comedic escapades. While racing through England, Italy and Japan, they face a host of new and worthy competitors. 40 PGS./ $3.99
Lee: It’s interesting that Disney is starting to push some of their product into the Marvel previews. My kids liked the books that were published by Boom! so they will continue to like these.
Greg: It would be nice if the market could find a way to sustain a strong kids books like these.

15 LOVE #1 (of 3)
Written by Andi Watson Penciled by Tommy Ohtsuka
Cover by Sho Murase
Teenage Tennis Action As Only Mighty Marvel Can Deliver! Tennis is Mill Collins whole life…but as the lowest ranking student at the Wayde Tennis Academy, she’s about to lose her scholarship, and any chance at reaching her dream. Her coach has given up on her, her aunt thinks she doesn’t try, and the only one who believes in her is a washed-up drunk…how wrong can things possible go before Mill catches a break? 56 PGS./$4.99
Lee: I applaud Marvel for publishing this because it shows a real commitment to products aimed at the female market… But, the cover is ridiculous. If anything, I would think such a stereotypical male cover would make girls run away screaming. At least Andi Watson is a good writer so the insides should be good.
Greg: Wasn't this one of those projects that got announced back during Jemas' regime? I mean, I'm glad to see Marvel publishing a more diverse output, but this sticks out a bit, doesn't it?

Written by Paul Jenkins Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico
Cover by Mico Suayan
It’s World War II super-action as Captain America heads up a top-secret, all-hero unit of the U.S. military! But a mystery surrounding the Band of Heroes rears its ugly head in the present…and you won’t believe how deep it goes. Join the wartime adventures of the toughest, most exceptional band of soldiers in American military history! 32 PGS./$2.99
Lee: On the plus side, the story and art are fine with Jenkins and Giandomenico handling the work. On the OMG is that bad side, we have the cover. Suayan is normally a good artist but wow did he mail this one in. Cap is wearing clothes that don’t fit, the “all-hero” squad has half the dudes on the cover without masks, and finally… what the heck is wrong with their faces? Maybe it’s a scream of pain because of what Suayan did to them.
Greg: On the OMG side, Paul "Cap isn't on MySpace" Jenkins is writing this. Has he done anything good since his run on Spider-Man ended?

KA-ZAR #1 (of 5)
Written by Paul Jenkins
Pencils & Cover by Pascal Alixe
The blight of the Burning Season sweeps across the Savage Land, threatening to destroy everything Ka-Zar holds dear--and heralding the re-emergence of the mysterious Ether Tribe. Trapped between forces from within and outside the Savage Land, can Ka-Zar save his kingdom before it’s too late? 32 PGS./$3.99
Lee: Every other new series got tied into Fear Itself, maybe they forgot Ka-zar. I think this is a tough sell for anyone but the diehard Ka-zar fan. Sadly, I am interested.
Greg: Marvel loves trying to create evergreen miniseries for some of their more obscure characters. I wonder if this will be any more successful than their last 20 attempts.

Written by Rob Williams Artist by Matthew Clark
Cover by Arturo Lozzi
Special Point One Issue. With the events of Fear Itself tearing the Earth apart a mysterious and powerful figure offers Blaze a faustian pact and a chance for peace. Can Blaze actually allow himself to 'Give Up The Ghost'? And, if so, who will the Ghost Rider pass onto next? The souls of Johnny Blaze and everyone within the Marvel Universe depend on this decision. Grab your leather, metal and hellfire because it’s the end of an era for Ghost Rider and the beginning of a new life for Johnny Blaze. It’s gonna get loud! Fire! 32 PGS./$2.99
Lee: So, if I understand this right, I need a 0.1 issue as a jumping on point for a new series that is going to start at issue #1. Is that right? Wow, does that not make any sense. Oh well, I like Ghost Rider so hopefully this will be good.
Greg: Jason Aaron left a tough act for this team to follow. Shark Rider!

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