Thursday, April 21, 2011

Super Dinosaur #1 - A Review

Today Image Comics released a book called Super Dinosaur.

It is written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Jason Howard.

It contains the following things:

A boy genius named Derek Dynamo.

A genetically engineered dinosaur that uses a jetpack and robot arms. His name is Super Dinosaur.

Together, they fight Doctor Max Maximus and his Dino-Men, whose names include Terrordactyl, Brakeosaurus, and Dreadasaurus.

I know. I can’t believe I didn’t think of them either.

A mysterious female dinosaur that attacks them with an axe. Her name is Tricerachops.

This book is completely and totally awesome. Forget Walking Dead and its critical acclaim or the effortless world building of Invincible. This book contains a Dinosaur in a Jetpack using rocket launchers to fight evil. This is Robert Kirkman’s greatest contribution to the comic industry, nay, mankind itself!

Here at this blog we frequently moan about the lack of good all ages comics that can be read by anyone. Robert Kirkman has rectified that with this book and produced the best kids’ book in yoinks that isn’t called Thor the Mighty Avenger. And lest I haven’t made it clear, it’s about A DINOSAUR THAT USES A JETPACK TO FIGHT EVIL!!!!!

And best of all, he has the courage to give it the greatest name he could possibly give it: Super Dinosaur. Let your brain chew on that for a minute. Super Dinosaur. Its like cheeseburgers and chocolate and peanut butter and its all at once and its awesome and its amazing and it has a jetpack.

If this is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

Super Dinosaur is published monthly by Image Comics. Don't children deserve to read about a dinosaur fighting evil with a jet pack every month. Please don't punish the children. Read this book.


  1. First book I read yesterday. Definitely another great Kirkman work. It's all ages but there's still that Kirkman feeling to how the characters interact.

  2. Ugh! Another book to want. Wish I could get it today. Glad to know a bit more about it. Thanks.

  3. Being an Image book, what's the language content? That'll be the test to see if it's really kid friendly or not.