Saturday, September 08, 2012

Baltimore Comic-Con TODAY and TOMORROW!!!

When this posts at midnight, I will have already been at the show.  How is that possible without a Tardis or a Cosmic Treadmill, you ask?  Well, this year, I'm a retailer.  Actually, I'm the "local help" (one of at least two) for Superworld Comics (booth 405 & 406).  So, I got to the convention center at around 1100, started helping Ted unload around Noon and just had a blast all day long until the floor closed at six.  I saw the place dead empty and watched it come to life when the Budget (et. al) rental vans started rolling in (literally).  The big bonus, Ted has already previewed my books for sale, I've already seen some of his high-grade stuff to trade, and I don't have to wait in line tomorrow morning!!!  I predict that this will be the best show ever.  Now, if only Kevin Maguire remembered to do that Chris Evans Captain America head-shot I paid him for last year...I'm anxious to find out.

IF YOU LIVE AT LEAST ONE MILE CLOSER THAN JIM, YOU SHOULD BE AT THE SHOW.  OK, I'm exaggerating a bit, but man is it a fun place to be.  What's better than attending the show -- being a part of it!

Oh, the Flash Chronicles will continue, sometime.  I've already read up through #300 (an excellent story).  I will say that some of the "science" in the Flash books is so totally ludicrous, you'd think it was evolutionary theory.  Oops, that's my Creationist in me coming out.

Have a great weekend, I am already!!!

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