Saturday, September 22, 2012

Talking Doctor Who at the Baltimore Comic-Con (Plus a link to the British Invasion Panel where Judge Dredd is mentioned)

I'm back with more tales from the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con.  This time were focusing on the adventures of my Day One companions and the chief subject was Doctor Who and Great Britain.  My oldest son comes with me every year, but it had been awhile since my oldest daughter attended the Con (maybe four or five years).  She's a huge fan of the Matt Smith Doctor and was showing her artwork to several real-life Doctor Who comic artists.  The Doctor is her muse to be sure and as Andy Runton, creator of Owly said "everyone has to have one".  Interestingly, her love of all things Doctor Who (and consequently GB) is a direct result of Comics And!  That and the stomach flu.
Eric and Charlotte with Andy Runton (who had a Doctor Who themed wedding recently).
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She couldn't find any orange hair dye to go with her Amy Pond outfit, but Andy Runton suggested that she mark up her arms from seeing the Silence.  I drew the line of her marking up her face!
Last week the newest Doctor Who annual came out from IDW and at least three of the creators that worked on the anthology were there: Josh Adams, Matthew Dow Smith, and Mark Buckingham.

I was checking the guest list the night before and saw the DW reference for Josh Adams and then saw his fantastic Sherlock pieces online, so we were anxious to talk to him.

Josh was really amazed at her Etch-A-Sketch

I didn't see Josh's original pencils until Day Two, which is a good thing because my daughter would have fainted to see that signature.  But I did end up getting her his Ash Can.  What you are seeing is his try-out pages that got him the gig at IDW (if the art looks familiar you may have seen work from his father Neal before).  I'm hoping that means we'll have a Sherlock series soon too!

Josh was the one who told us about Matthew Dow Smith being at the show too.  He like Josh were super-nice and had encouraging things to say about her work.  We also stopped by to see Kelly Yates and Thom Zahler.  Thom took a piece of tracing paper overlayed her one comic-page and gave her a quick 10-minute lesson on things to improve that I'm sure will prove invaluable.  You can check out her work here, which will also give links to her Who Fan Fiction.

At least she can say she met one "Matt" Smith!
Well, I did say adventures didn't I?  Let's just say they got to experience the thrill of using Psychic Paper thanks to a friend.

Before the Show.

Hanging Out.
 We also attended the British Invasion Panel that featured Brain Bolland, Barry Kitson, and Mark Buckingham (moderated by a guy from DC).  You can listen to the whole thing by clicking this link.

A moderator in search of some panelists.
You can't take pictures (go search the web) while you're recording and I barely got a quick shot of Barry afterwards.
 After the panel we headed down to the British Embassy booth in the lobby. Most of their cool swag was gone for the day, but I came back the next day and we picked up some T-shirts, bags, jam, etc.

That's not all, but we're almost done.  Until next time, Cheerie Oh!

Oh wait.  I forgot to tell you about the Comics And connection.  Well, I started watching Doctor Who after interviewing (at Jim's recommendation) Paul J. Salamoff for his Logan's Run comic.  She got the stomach flu and was home all day watching Doctor Who and the rest they say is history...

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