Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Defenders

Keeping with the standard of alternating publishers, we're back to Marvel this week.  And one of my all time favorite series, The Defenders.  Not the later run Defenders because that was really, really bad stuff.  But sub issue #50, the Defenders shined.

Defenders #10, November 1973
Pencils: John Romita
Inks: John Romita
Of all the Thor v. Hulk covers out there, this has got to be one of the best.  And, it's every fanboy's dream to see who is stronger, Thor or Hulk. 

Defenders #22, April 1975
Pencils:Gil Kane
Inks:Joe Sinnott
1975 was a great year for the Defenders!  It starts with the classic 'Sons of the Serpent' arc' and concludes with a Guardians of the Galaxy crossover.  It's hard not to want to buy a cover which has the Hulk on fire on it.

Defenders #25, July 1975
Pencils: Gil Kane; John Romita (alterations)
Inks: Frank Giacoia ?; Al Milgrom ?; John Romita (alterations)
There's alot of crazy covers out there today but I don't remember many with upsidedown crosses on them.  Not to mention, a woman tied to the upsidedown cross.  If published today, would the book get burned?

Defenders #38, August 1976
Pencils:Rich Buckler
Inks:Joe Sinnott
If you've never read the Defenders and wonder why I talk so highly of them, this cover should clarify it for you.  Luke Cage battles a giant green gorilla while floating in the body of some crazy space alien.  I'm not sure the inside was as good as the cover but it's hard to top this silliness.

Defenders #49, July 1977
Pencils:Al Milgrom
Inks:Al Milgrom
And, my all time favorite cover... Hulk v. the other Defenders.  If you look closely you can see that it looks like Hulk is about to smash Hellcat into the ground.  Definitely one of my favorite covers ever!

That's all for this week, now get out there and root for anyone except the Steelers!  Booooo Steelers.

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