Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best to Worst of Last Week

This week is a little later then normal as I actually just finished last week’s books last night. My vacation was one that actually involved no comic books so my reading was pushed off. Still this week was a decent week of books.

Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special – WOW – Just a beautiful book, loaded with surprises and information and a great set-up for the war to come.
Nightly News #6 (of 6) – What a great series. Entertaining and educational. Plus I agree with many of the sentiments and world view the author was expressing.
Iron Fist #6 – This is a really strong series and I’m tempted to buy the six issue hard cover, but will hold out for a 12 issue book or an omnibus.
Blue Beetle #16 – Great series. Beetle’s power fantasy was so funny.
Criminal #7 – Rock solid enjoyable series and the second arc is better then the first.
Silent War #6 (of 6) – Great issue and story so far, but we need the next part now!
Crossing Midnight #8 – A great read month in and month out.
Thunderbolts #115 – Only Ellis could make this book actually work and be so enthralling.
Daredevil #98 – This has been my favorite arc since Brubaker took over – too bad Milla is still alive.
X-Men 1st Class #1 – Great start to the unlimited series. A truly fun book that is both modern and a throwback to the silver age.
Invincible #43 – Back to form after last issue’s snorefeast.
Supergirl and The Legion of Super Heroes #31 – Great start for the new creative team.
Countdown #44 – Solid issue. Mary Marvel and Billy/Wizard confrontation was good.
Jack of Fables #12 – This book was decent and now is getting better and better.
Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer #3 (of 6) – Good story and nice art work.
She-Hulk #19 – This issue saw a return to a more fun and light hearted style.
Amazon Attacks #3 (of 6) – This has been enjoyable, much better then I thought it would be.
Snakewoman : Tale of the Snake Charmer – Nice to see her back and a good opening to setting up the next chapter in Snakewoman’s life.
Fallen Angel #17 – Much better art and the Shi cross over has worked in the first part of the story.
Grimm Fairy Tales Return to Wonderland #1 (of 7) – Enjoyable start and I want to continue down the rabbit hole.
X-Factor #20 – Still a good series, but the bloom is off the rose with this series.
Breathe #3 (of 4) – I missed issue #2, but I still get the story and I love the art in this book.
Grimm Fairy Tales #15 – Solid issue in this series.
Fantastic Four #547 – Liked seeing a new Frightful Four.
World War Hulk X-Men #1 (of 3) – Solid opening chapter in a money grab tie-in mini-series.
Hellboy Darkness Calls #3 (of 6) – Starting to get into this series and have a slight idea of what is going on.
Teen Titans #48 – Nice tie-in to Amazon Attacks.
JSA Classified #27 – Decent issue starting Wildcat.
Legion of Monsters : Satanna – Okay issue, nice job on giving fans stories on basically forgotten characters.
Wonder Woman #10 – Best issue to date in a bad series since it’s re-launch.
X-Men #200 – Everyone is a traitor and the back up story was a weak start.
Ultimate Vision #4 – A decent issue, suffering from massive delays in between issues.
Superman/Batman #37 – Best this book has ever been since I have read it and it is only an okay start to a new arc and creative team.
Wetworks #10 – So-so issue, but last issue set the stage for the team and now we just go off in a different direction.
Ultimate Fantastic Four #43 - Just barely okay.
Sheena #1 (of 5) – Very simple story with plain jane art.
Deadman #11 – The byzantine plot line has killed this story.
Boys #8 – Pointless and crude. No point to this book other then to tear down what others have built. I can’t support this anymore even to just rip it apart. CANCELLED.

As one can see, I have made it into three sections. The best books of the week, the solid and enjoyable books and the rest of the stuff that I got. Boys is history, Deadman is over with issue #13 so I’ll ride it out, Wetworks is an issue or two from pulling the plug, Sheena has one more issue to get better, Ultimate FF has one issue to turn it around. Uncanny X-Men is still getting a free ride for a little while and Superman/Batman may move to I’ll pick it up depending on who is writing and drawing it. Ultimate Vision #4 was okay and since it is over in one more issue I’ll tough that one out also.


  1. I'm not sure how you can complain about THE BOYS. The last issue was so weak it was ridiculous. All the crude stuff was pretty much implied. Nothing shown. I was like reading the PG-13 version of that book. It was bad but for a completely different reason: it didn't live up to it's rep.

    SINESTRO CORPS was a beautiful book, though KYLE RAYNER's fate shows that DC is lately becoming a one trick pony.

    IRON FIST is awesome. X-FACTOR can't be awesome all the time. I believe it'll go up and down with the storyarc.

    You and I will disagree on COUNTDOWN. That book is all hype and no substance. Dini is good but even as head writer the issues so far are boring. Great cast, but Zzzzz stories. There were at least two or three other writers mentioned for COUNTDOWN and none have delivered an issue yet. I'm hoping soon.

    THUNDERBOLTS are gold.

    DD has been alright, and I rather like MILLA.

    I read THE HIGHWAYMEN from Wildstorm and thought the first issue was interesting enough to pick up the next one.


  2. Countdown works better for me because I'm a bigger DC fan then I am of Marvel.

    Milla needs to go!!!!!!!!