Friday, July 13, 2007

Vacation's Over

UPDATED!!!! As of 9:43 pm... Updates at the bottom so you have to re-read everything again!

BWAH HA HA!!! I have returned. I know that you all missed me so I thought I would do a short post to let you know I am back.

I'm sure y'all are dying to know how my vacation was, so I shall give you a quick synopsis H-E-Double-Hockey sticks. Oi, was it ever an adventure! And not even the fun kind of adventure like Chevy Chase had. It was a week at the beach teaching my white trash sister-in-law's feral kids what forks were and that brushing your teeth once a week was not "good enough". I kid you not, they were the closest thing to feral children as I have ever encountered.

BUT, the good news its now over. I came home a day early to get the house set back up and what not. Of course, today is Friday the 13th, so let's see how it's gone so far...
(1) Got oil changed in car #1, took 30 minutes with a state inspection. Qualifies as... Good Event.
(2) Came home, locked keys in car. Qualifies as... Bad Event.
(2a) Called Wife (still in RI) and she has the spare key with her because she 'forgot' to take it outta her purse. Qualifies as... Random heaping of Poop.
(2b) Luckily, didn't block other car in driveway. Qualifies as... Good enough.
(3) Took second car to get oil change... TAKES 2 HRS!. Qualifies as... WTF? Bad Event.

So, I still have plenty of time left in the day for things to go wrong.

And, finally, the random quote of the day. In the "Central Virginia Community Newspaper" editorial section, an article by Mr. Jerry Burks titled "SuperHeroes of the Democrats" opens with... and I will quote... "X-men, a sexist and misogynist designation, are humans that have evolved into mutants with latent superhuman capabilities."

X-men is sexist and misogynist???? Oddly enough the rest of the editorial read like a Republican attack ad.

I'll be back Wednesday with more vacation tales of woe... see ya then!

UPDATE: In case you didn't know. TV Station, G4, channel 500-something on Direct TV, is doing live coverage from San Diego Comic-Con all next week. They are supposed to be doing a "what happened today" show next Saturday at 9 or 10.


  1. Need more details on the "feral" children.

    I wonder if comcast has live coverage of the SDCC - I doubt it.

  2. Hah! There's sitcom fodder in that feral children story!