Sunday, July 29, 2007


The San Diego Comic-Con has some interesting news, but I think I have become so jaded over the years with announcements and such that I don't get too excited to read a book until the actual solicitation comes out and then I still temper my excitement until I see it on the list of books coming out on a Wednesday.

Still there is an enormous amount of energy and creativity being pushed into comics right now. I have seen so many different ideas come out of the creator owned and the independent side of things that it is forcing the big two to at least hire some of this talent. I'm very curious to see how the profit model works in today's market for these companies as I have a suspicion that the "real" money to be made is in the big stores selling as completed graphic novels as opposed to just the direct market (as a former CPA and financial forecaster I'm always interested in those things).

On the political front I have converted a few people to the Ron Paul camp ( Just so you know I do not agree 100% with him, but I don't agree with anyone 100%, but I agree with his core values. Please check him out and think about actually supporting him. Also on any issue that you feel he is on the wrong side about, listen to what he says about it or read his positions, even when I disagree with him I understand his viewpoint and have to reconsider my own. I really think Ron Paul could make a true difference in our country and its future.

The Rules

The requirements are that an answer has to be in before the next contest. You have to e-mail the answer and include with your answer the prize that you want to have sent to you and your address if I don’t know it. I will only mail to USA addresses otherwise the cost for mailing becomes too high and I am giving this stuff away for free. As there are nine prizes this week, you should give me a list in order of preference as to what you would like as it will be first to be right wins their first preference and then on and on from there.

Congratulations to last week's winners Matthew, Ron, Lee and Gwen.

The answer to last week's quiz were :
1) Green Lantern, Hourman, Dr. Fate, Flash, Starman, Dr. Midnight
2) Alan Scott (Hal Jordan), Rex Tyler (Rick Tyler), Kent Nelson (Inza Nelson), Jay Garrick (Barry Allen), Ted Knight (Jack Knight), Charles McNider (Pieter Cross) note the second half has multiple choices I just listed one.
3) (a) Star Boy from the Legion is now in a different costume and quite mad and in the JSA today (b) Bat- Mite.

This week's contest is: The ten strings of letters below need to be rearranged to form the names of various super heroes or major comic book personalities. You have to get 8 out of 10 right to win. If you get all 10 right you did great, but still only one prize per winner.

1) NNPOARRAHTSGMET - DC Mystical Character
2)ENAELTS - Mr. Presents
3) ANRAWSTD - Legion Member
4)BRAUSNRIEM - All wet
5) SRERELAWINL - The current king of writing
7) CCKAYLARANB - Fishnets
8) NLAEEMTM - Melt them for money
9) RNOOTMI - There are 52 of these guys now
10) IYSPORTAPHCE - Argg maties - emotions ahead

Good luck the prizes are:
1)Doonesbury Collection
2)Ron Goulart Listing of comic books artist from 1987, contains short bios of many artists.
3) Frank Frazetta art book - Vol. 3
4) Bernie Wrightson Art Book
5) Newstime Magazine Covering the "Death of Superman" - Addressed to Clark Kent
6) Church & State Vol 2 - Collects Cerebus #81 -111
7)Armorines #1 - Signed by the artist Jim Calafiore
8) "Q" Action Figure
9) Batman Card Set

Have fun.


  1. Jim,

    Working on this puzzle now. 6 down, 4 more to go. Nice work with the wordplay.

  2. This contest was hard - the hints helped a lot so thanks for adding them!

  3. Next Sunday will be a similar contest with a few clues, but then it will have a theme also to help figure them out. After typing them I realized they were very hard.