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DCU the Unlimited Series – A Review

When Lee and I do our preview reviews we often focus on the new material. The new #1s, new mini-series and new collections and often fail to mention the ongoing series. So in an effort to at least highlight each ongoing series I took the September DC solicitations and looked at every ongoing series. This is a snapshot of what I think each of each series. I was shocked at how many unlimited series DC has and also shocked to realize that I'm actually getting ever single one. Still they even unlimited series have a tendency to eliminate themselves.

As a side note - I'm making some comments on the books I've been reading. Hopefully Jim won't mind (not that he can say anything since he isn't here, mwhahaha!). Anyway, this is my way of doing some mini reviews since between work and school I have time for little else :(

Atom – Jim: The new Atom has been a good series so far. Gail Simone and decent art have been the common thread during this book’s first year. I believe the gimmick of quotes sprinkled through out each issue is over done and should be dropped. I like this book as we are on a third generation Atom and Ryan brings a new twist on this character. Still it is damn hard to do adventures for a tiny character.
B6: I too am tired of all the quotes. Perhaps if they were a little more relevant or even done less often I could deal with them, but as it stands they have become an annoyance. I loved the Jia arch on this book - it really built Ryan as a character and made me feel closer to him than I ever felt to Ray. I'm not sure where this book is going to go with the search for Ray Palmer starting and it has me a bit worried. I hope Ryan gets to keep the Atom mantle.

Supergirl – Jim: This series really should be canceled. It has failed on many levels and they have in 18 issues made her a more convoluted character then Hawkman. I think a one year gap and then look around for a solid direction and writer and once you find that re-launch the book. She has potential, but she is a better character in the 31Century.
B6: This series is horrible but I can't stop reading it. It's even one of the first books I read when I get my books. I look at the cover and think, it couldn't possibly get worse, could it? So I read it and prove myself wrong time and time again.

Booster Gold – Jim: Has not started yet. Good luck in making this series last. Still with Geoff Johns as co-writer it has a shot, but I’m surprised this got more then a mini-series.
B6: I cannot see this being successful as an ongoing series. Reading anything about Booster Gold makes me miss Ted (although I really like the new Blue Beetle).

JLA – Jim: This series has sucked, but sold very well. I guess big names help. Still I enjoyed the “Lighting Saga” but not due to the JLA. We will see what Dwayne McDuffie can bring to the table. As a series this is one that DC will probably always publish.
B6: Awful book. First they stole Canary and are now ruining the great character Gail Simone built up, then they turned Arsenal into Red Arrow, and now the Lightning saga is over. I'm not sure if I'll be able to read this book much longer unless it seriously improves.

Infinity Inc. – Jim: If I read the solicitation I think this is an unlimited series. Again, good luck because it has no connection to Infinity Inc. that I can see and that hurts the book for me.
B6: If there is no Jade or Obsidian (an in the Scott kids) I'm not sure how this can really be Infinity Inc :(

Green Lantern – Jim: I believe this has become a good series. Geoff Johns has really gotten this book ramped up and is adding more and more layers to the mythos. Should be a good series for awhile. I wish they could get a consistent artist.
B6: I guess I've liked this series despite myself. I still hate that Hal's back because so much of this seems like a rehash of stuff that's already been done. The POW story would have been better if more time was spent on it. I don't like Cowgirl very much although they've made Carol's character really interesting.

Green Lantern Corps – Jim: I’m shocked that I’m enjoying this series so much. It probably took awhile to get into it because of the expansive cast. I’m still confused as to where the Lizard race of Thangarians came from.
B6: I actually find myself liking Guy Gardner.

All Star Batman – Jim: An ambitious failure. Frank Miller and Jim Lee produced one issue of this book in 2006, is this even a series?

B6: There is no All Star Batman, only Matt Wagner's Batman and the Monster Men and Mad Monk.

All Star Superman – Jim: It appears almost quarterly and like Planetary I’ll happily wait for it. Everything an All Star book should be. Fantastic series by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. Hate to follow that act.

B6: I am still cracking up over the Jimmy Olsen issue. Jimmy cross dressing and then in the purple coat... that was priceless.

Batman – Jim: Grant Morrison’s run has been entertaining, but not out and out excellence. Still we are building on his past stories, but the slow timing in getting the book out has hurt this title a little.

B6: I cannot forgive Grant Morrison for ruining the Batman and Talia story.

Detective – Jim: Great series since one year later. With James Robinson and then Paul Dini writing the book and Don Kramer as the main artist this book has been a very good series month in and month out. Even the two part fill-in by Stuart Moore and Andy Clarke was solid.

B6: I love this series. Some of the best Batman stories outside of the animated series in years.

Nightwing – Jim: An okay series at this point. Marv Wolfman is better then Devin Grayson and Bruce Jones, but his Nightwing feels too much like Wolfman’s interpretation of the character from years ago and that is not the Nightwing I like anymore.

B6: I'm happy that Wolfman has brought Nightwing back to the status quo. Once a new writer joins the series I have high hopes that this will become a really good series again. Marc Andreyko should write this book. (I really like Nightwing's real life job now, nice call Marv!)

Catwoman – Jim: Fantastic series, Will Pfiefer has made this book his own and I have really been enjoying Catwoman and the last chapter I read this month was excellent.

B6: I don't read this series - I believe it's sent to Jeff :)

Robin – Jim: A good series. Each issue since one year later has been entertaining, a new supporting cast has been built, relationship between Robin and Batman has been well done, a good series.

B6: This series has been a lot of fun so far. I love the Bruce-Tim relationship growing the way it is! I believe this series may even be close to an all ages book!

Action – Jim: When the main storyline comes out this has been a very good series, but has been butchered by the delays in getting the story done. I hope Kubert is off this book so the main story will start to come out on time. When Johns and Donner are writing this book it is a good series.

B6: I agree with Jim wholeheartedly.

Batman Confidential – Jim: This will be up or down based on the writer/artist team telling the arc. Not sure this is a good idea anymore, it might be better to do a series of mini-series on Batman’s history.

Superman Confidential – Jim: Same deal - This will be up or down based on the writer/artist team telling the arc. Not sure this is a good idea anymore, it might be better to do a series of mini-series on Superman’s history. Still the Cooke/Sale opening arc has been really well done.

Superman – Jim: Busiek and Pacheo have done a nice job of making this a very good book most times. Still it seems to have suffered from fill ins that have hurt the flow of the main story.

B6: Overall I've really liked this series, after one year later it really felt like Superman was Superman again.

Superman/Batman – Jim: Really has not been a good series. The art has carried it at times, but for the most part a rather blah series.

B6: Not impressed.

Aquaman – Jim: Wow, the shock of the new team is over and Tad Williams is floating (pun intended) a lot of concepts in this book, but I’m slowly coming around and I’m starting to like this series again.

B6: The art change hurt this book the most for me, even though I'm a big Tad Williams fan. The story is still good, I just hate the cartoons.

Birds of Prey – Jim: Love this series, but worried now that Gail Simone is leaving this book. She really took Chuck Dixon’s concept and made it her own. Still I’ll give the new writer a chance.

B6: I will miss Gail Simone on this book. Almost as much as I miss Canary being in this book...

Wonder Woman – Jim: Can Gail Simone save this book from itself?

B6: Can anyone write a good Wonder Woman series? I suppose if anyone has a chance, Gail does, but I'm not setting my expectations very high.

Blue Beetle- Jim: A fun series and a great third generation hero. Jamie is the Blue Beetle now and watching him go from what the heck happened to me to becoming a hero is great.

B6: It's so nice to see new ideas and concepts and this series has them in droves.

Checkmate – Jim: Very solid series. Rucka has done a great job of giving us a relatively large cast and made each character unique and have depth. A book that pays dividend the longer you read it.

B6: Jeff gets this book.

Flash – Jim: Well it will be Waid doing Wally West, can you go home again? Looking forward to seeing how the new/old Flash series works.

B6: I will miss Bart (not so much as the Flash, but as far as being in the DCU). However, WALLY IS BACK! I have always loved Wally as the Flash and Mark Waid made the character a great one. I am very excited about this book! *jumps up and down with glee*

JSA – Jim: Excellent series Johns and Eaglesham have made this a top book and one I look forward to every month.

B6: I LOVE this book.

JSA Classified – Jim: As a big fan of the JSA, using this book as a solo spotlight is a fine idea by me. Very hit and miss as it depends on who is doing the book.

JLA Classified – Jim: Nice series to allow different people to do JLA stories that are more timeless stories. Very hit and miss as it depends on who is doing the book

Outsiders – Jim: With issue #50 it is over, but I have enjoyed it since one year later.

B6: Despite the fact that it's like there are two different Nightwings running around I've had fun with this book and will be sad to see it go.

Jonah Hex – Jim: Great series. Mainly one and done issues, but Jonah is the anti-hero with his own moral creed. Really being done right, Hex is a mercenary and a hard bitten, unapologetic bad a**.

B6: Jeff gets this book.

Shadowpact – Jim: Just an out and out fun series full of formerly under used character. With Bill Willingham as writer and Detective Chimp as a member of the group it is hard to go wrong.

B6: A fun and entertaining book!

Spirit – Jim: Darwyn Cooke has taken Eisner’s character and has modernized him and kept him old school all at the same time. A truly great series.

B6: Very enjoyable on all levels.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes – Jim: Just read the first chapter by the new creative team and they picked up very will from Waid and Kitson. I look forward to seeing this book develop further. A nice reboot of the Legion.

B6: The Legion of Superheroes pretty much always makes me happy.

Teen Titans – Jim: Desperately searching for a direction. New writer comes on soon, so I’ll hang in until then, but this book has great characters, just missing that certain something.

B6: I really enjoyed the Deathstroke storyline and I'm happy to have Jericho back. I also feel that the book is missing something but it's still been fun to read.

That’s wrap on the DCU unlimited series a few great series, a lot of good series and a few series that need help.

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