Saturday, July 07, 2007

Too Many Identities

A very short post.

How can some people seem to have so many different presences on the internet and how in god's name do people find time to keep them all updated.

Of course I don't check all of these sites that people have but it is insane.

You can have a blog, myspace, livejournal, comicspace, a twitter page, pownce, the appleseed project, chat rooms and on and on.

Now the blog has allowed me to hear from people I would not have otherwise and certainly allows Lee, B6 and I to express ourselves, but I barely have enough time to do a decent blog on a daily basis, so how can anyone keep up with all of these various sites.

Also as an observation I find it amusing that we "know" people well enough across the country but still don't know our neighbors as well as we used to before we had the internet.

Something is lost and something ins gained in every change.

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  1. I am totally in agreement. I "know" people in Texas and Austrailia, but couldn't pick my neighbors out of a lineup