Thursday, July 12, 2007

Scattered Thoughts

Okay so the DC solicitations had a weekly event where Batman has two different people tackling a task. The premise is that Batman is trying to choose his team of Outsiders as apparently Nightwing is turning over the reins of the group to Batman. From the solicitation it sounded like a great idea and a cool little gimmick, so a few weeks before the books come out this is DC's house ad. Geez, kinda kills the suspense and takes a lot of air out of the tires for this re-vamp of the Outsiders. I'm still looking forward to reading it, but no real guess work as to which person will win out.

DC has hit some bad sales times versus Marvel shortly after hitting a high water mark just a little over a year or so. Countdown has been too slow moving, the cross-overs are not being marketed as well as Marvel has done and lateness in some of their core titles has taken the bloom off the rose. I wonder if Didio or Paul Levitz are in any trouble at this point or is the long term plan good enough to let them give it a chance.

Personally I don't get it as I think DC has the superior product in general, but Marvel certainly has some strong creators and some very good books, but Superman is better then Spider-Man, JLA is better then New Avengers, JSA is better then Mighty Avengers, GL is better then Iron Man, yet Marvel rules. Of course I can never figure why Fables isn't a top ten book either.

A fellow fan, cosmic conversationalist Ron has started a blog - check out the link on the sidebar for Mutts Ramblings and watch Ron grow as a blogger.

I have found that the daily blog at times can be a grind, but I only will do it as long as I'm having fun and learning little bits and pieces as I continue. I have learned that I should do stuff further in advance and get an editor to check typos, grammar in my work. I have recruited Lee and B6 as co-conspirators to make it not all my work. I have also settled into a schedule for part of the week. Mondays are usually what I'm getting Wednesday. Tuesday is now my favorite weekly thing when I do a Best to Worst listing of what I read. Wednesday is usually a Lee posting on a slice of life thing. I want to get B6 to take a regular daily post, but I know her schedule has been killer. I plan to run Sunday as a contest day every week and try to give away stuff for awhile. No one took up my last offer, but I'll continue offering free stuff if someone wants to participate and try and change it up. I was reminded by a friend that I used to do give aways at the store I had, so this just makes the blog another continuation of the comic store I once owned.

The rest of the days are still free form and I enjoy my occasional political rants. It is worrisome that much of the country dismisses people complaining as they can't see the future and think everything is okay now so why worry.

A final really random musing is the "blackmailed" pictures of Miss New Jersey are so benign, that if they take away her crown they will be the ones who look bad.


  1. you know... I did guess 5/6 of the animals... :)

  2. I blog once a month and consider that a grind...thus I commend you.

  3. B6 - You get plenty of free books, you don;t need to win anymore - geez. Todd - Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the plug. I am totally in agreement with your observations about the Outsiders. Still, if you read Newsarama, you have to wonder what is going to happen with the Martian Manhunter.

  5. I just dropped Action Comics this week. That leaves Brave and the Bold, Superman and the Flash as the only DC titles I'm getting besides the Johnny DC Legion and JLU. I'm so sick of countdown it's not even funny. I love continuity, but I hate feeling I'm missing something and if I'm going to miss a big part of it anyway, it's not hard to miss other parts. I've still got Booster Gold on my list for next month though. I'm just getting weary of books that aren't consistently good or come in a nicer HC package for cheaper after I've bought all the monthlies. DC squandered their one year after relaunch interest. I mean I've gone from almost all DC except for Spider-girl to almost all Marvel and a few odds and ends. I also dropped Hulk, but I'm still getting WWH. I just hope I've got enough books to talk about when CCC resumes...

    I was searching the DC Direct website on Sunday to get the animal names and had the four easy ones, but then our internet was down for a day and I haven't had time to look at it again. Some of those animals are really dark and I can't make out much detail.

  6. Matthew - Try more independents!

    Not to worry I have a new contest coming up Sunday and I'll publish last Sunday's answers. We will have even more prizes!!!!!

  7. Totally OT - I finished Lost season 2, enjoyed it, also finished First in Space, which was cute (and one of those nice all-ages books). Thanks for the loans!

  8. Arielle - Glad you enjoyed them.