Monday, July 09, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

Week #2 in a four week month and it is the smallest week for me in a long time and I’m a happy camper about that. Only one smaller hard cover (that I got only for it being Kirby art) and two soft cover collections.

Alien Pig Farm #4 (of 4) – Hot damn, I can’t wait for this book. I will get the trade when it comes out as this book has been flat out a great read and very funny. The art work has been glorious and Todd Farmer (writer) has stated that issue #4 has a lot of naked in it, so if that is Cindy naked, it can’t be all bad. Can’t wait.

BPRD – Garden of Souls #5 (of 5) – Still reading the original mini-series and catching up with this group of characters. Off beat stories, but the more I read, the more I have enjoyed this series.

30 Day of Night Eben and Stella #3 (of 5) – This has returned the 30 Days franchise back to its usually high standards (as Spreading the Disease fell short). Nice to see what happened with the original characters. Looking forward to the movie later this year.

Tag Cursed #5 (0f 5) – So this should be an interesting issue, because to keep this as a franchise type series the curse can’t be cured, but we can discover how it really began or what is behind it if anything. I have enjoyed this series, but the ending will make or break it.

Left on Mission #3 (of 5) – This has been a really great series so far, so seeing that issue #3 is coming out already is a great sign, as I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I can’t recommend this book anymore then I have, but if you are not reading this – get it. Chip Mosher has written a wonderful story that is part action flick, part spy story, part political and part romance. The pacing of the story has been spot on and the art has been perfect for this tale. I’m 90% sold on buying the trade on this book already.

Nexus #99 – Space Opera Act 1 0f 4 – I liked Nexus at times and I did not like Nexus at times. Still it will be interesting to see if Mike Baron and Steve Rude can create magic again after a many year hiatus.

Hulk Visionaries Peter David Volume #4 – Even though I believe David’s run could have ended a year or two earlier then it did, the first six to eight years of his run are some of the best Hulk stories ever produced.

Annihilation Conquest: The Wraith #1 (of 4) – I have allowed my self to be sucked into the mini-series that are leading up to Annihilation Conquest series. I enjoyed the Nova mini-series and the Annihilation series and the Nova series to date, so I’ll check out each of the mini-series. The one thing I will do is that if the first issue doesn’t sell me I will drop it like a hot potato. Nice cover and character design, which may play against the book as the interior artist (Kyle Hotz) has a very different art style then this cover artist.

Devil Dinosaur Omnibus by Jack Kirby Hard Cover – This is only a $30 hard cover and is certainly far from being Kirby’s finest hour. Still I will pick it up for fun and amusement. This is as far as I will go with Kirby’s stuff though and I will not buy the Silver Star material that Image is reprinting this week. One issue I have is I’m not sure if Marvel is still giving royalties to the Kirby family as I have heard their contracts only called for royalties after someone’s death for a limited time. I hope I’m wrong and if it is true I probably should not buy this.

New Avengers #32 – The follow-up to last issues revelation that Electra was a skrull. I have great fears that this overall story line will basically be so stupid that I will feel that I need to leave more Marvel books on the shelves at the comic store.

Nova #4 – Nova is back in space and hip deep into the entire Annihilation storyline. This has been an excellent series so far and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning constantly produce some of the best written books in the market. Very good series.

Omega Flight #4 (of 5) – This book is telling a slow story for a mini-series that only goes 5 issues, but I know it was supposed to be an unlimited series at first, so I’ll finish out the series, but so far this book is a loser.

X-Factor #21 – Usually the best x-book on the stands, but it has lost a little of its luster and X-Men 1st Class is vying for my favorite x-title at this time. Still this is a good series and I anticipate this issue will be well done. I believe this also contains another chapter in the “Endangered (yawn) Species” story line.

Sub-Mariner #2 (of 6) – I enjoyed the first issue that I tired on a whim. Sub-Mariner has always been a great character part villain and part noble hero. Last issue ended with Atlantis destroyed and his skeleton apparently on his throne. Tough place to start from, but it got my attention and interest, so a good job on issue #1.

Batman Confidential #7 – A new arc – The official hype “Written by Michael Green; Art and Cover by Denys Cowan and John Floyd What kind of person becomes a Joker? Writer Michael Green (Heroes writer/producer) and classic Batman artist Denys Cowan shed light on who the Joker was before he became the Joker…and how he and Batman crossed paths even before the day he was created.” – Could be good.

Countdown #42 – Last issue was good and the funeral for Bart was well done. Still the book needs to have a little more pizzazz to it. I like it, but it is not as exciting as I want it to be. I know we are building for a whole year, but patience has never been my strong suit.

Green Arrow Year One #1 (of 6) – The origin is so simple and clean I worry how good can a year one Green Arrow book really be? Still with Andy Diggle and Jock reunited from their Losers days (great series), I’m thinking this should be a really good read.

Green Lantern #21 – Looking forward to this as we follow up from the Sinestro Corps Special right into the war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps. Green Lantern is really turning up the volume and is an exciting and really fantastic series right now. Should be excellent.

JLA Classified #40 – Part 4 of 5 of the “Kid Amazo” story line. I have been enjoying this story and have become a believer in the JLA Classified book as a way to tell good JLA stories not bound to any particular time line or continuity.

Shadowpact #15 – Blue Devil is off trying to save his parents, Zaureil joins the team and Doctor Gotham attacks. Another normal day for Shadowpact, trying to save the world from mystical issues most people don’t know about. Just a fun series, that is entertaining every month written by Bill Willingham.

Showcase Presents Batgirl Volume #1 – The early adventures of Barbara Gordon as she become Batgirl. 552 pages of glorious black and white for only $17. Much of this material is dated, but it is still a lot of fun to read and you can let any age child read this stuff.

Superman #664 – Last issue Arion kicked Superman’s a** and now we see what happens next. Busiek and Pacheco are producing a really good story with the whole “Camelot Falls” story. A little long, but the action appears to be heating up with this issue. An excellent series when Busiek and Pacheco are the creative team.

JSA #7 – One of my favorite series right now as Geoff Johns is on top of his game with Action, GL and this series. The official hype “Meet the newest member of the Justice Society of America: Citizen Steel! What happens when Nathan Heywood, the grandson of Commander Steel, awakens to find himself completely and utterly alone in a way he never thought possible? Changed into something far more bizarre than Dr. Mid-Nite could ever imagine? Plus, the secrets of 52 begin to make themselves known in the world of the Justice Society!” Not sure about the Citzen Steel name, but still all we need is Vibe back and the Detroit JSA can ride again.

Superman Confidential #5 – Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale continue their origin of Kryptonite. The lag in actually producing a monthly schedule has hurt the flow of what I have found to be an enjoyable Superman tale.

Fables #63 – The official hype “Part 4 of "The Good Prince." As plans are being set to destroy the Imperial Homeworld where it's most vulnerable, various Fables are returning home. And Flycatcher must unite an army of ghosts from the land below to help him on his quest against the Empire.” There has not been a bad issue in this series and we are on issue #63.

Gen 13 #10 – I only semi-like this book and still have no real strong sense of anticipating a next issue, still I enjoy Gail Simone’s writing, but this book is a possible cut if it doesn’t engage me a little more.

Grifter/Midnighter #5 (of 6) – Chuck Dixon is just a good action comic writer and teamed with a very good artist like Ryan Benjamin makes his work even better. This has been a good story and I look forward to the next issue. Chuck Dixon needs to have an unlimited series again.

Stormwatch PHD #9 – Flat out the best Wildstorm series right now. Christos Gage has done a terrific job with this book. The official hype “A horrible crime has been committed, and a key cast member lies dying. Officer John Doran must find out who's responsible, knowing the assailant either comes from the ranks of StormWatch Prime...or from his own teammates in StormWatch: PHD! Will the investigation tear StormWatch apart from within?”

That wraps up another week of books. Some highly anticipated books are coming out for me this week with Alien Pig Farm and Left on Mission from the independents and GL from DC, plus other great entertainment and all in color for $3 to $4 – doesn’t have the same ring as all in color for a dime.


  1. Look forward to hearing what you have to say about issue 3!


  2. Chip - I'll let you know.

  3. I really love this current arch of Fables - I love how even the previously background characters end up being the center of the story.