Friday, June 25, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Four Eyes #4 (Image)

Is it just me or was the last issue for this book a really long time ago? I had a hard time remembering what had happened before in the story. Even so, I really enjoyed this issue. I mean, I could predict a lot of where the story was going but it was still enjoyable. I think that I will end up liking this story even better in graphic novel format - I feel like I'm missing out on some of the subtler plot without going back and reading previous issues. I love the art though! Especially the "tiny" dragon :)

Black Widow #3 (Marvel)

Electra was an unnecessary cameo in this issue. I think they just wanted her on the cover to attract more readers. The thinking must have been 'hot assassin chick vs hot assassin chick=sales'. Beyond that it wasn't a bad issue but I'm not wowed by this serious so far. At most I'd say I'm mildly curious as to where it's going.

Birds of Prey #2 (DC)

On one hand I liked this better than the first issue. On the other hand I'm 99% certain that the White Canary is Sin and I hate that she's a villain. I really liked Sin and I hated that Dinah had to give her up (mostly because of the editorial wedding mandate). Sin as a villain just bothers me. I do like Dinah as a fugitive though as it looks to be an interesting story. Although it seems that Brightest Day is pretty much leading to a lot of heroes being discredited in some way or another and I have to wonder what it's going to build up to.

New Mutants #15 (Marvel)

This seemed like a lull issue in the Second Coming event. While some stuff happened, it really didn't advance the actual plot. I'm still mildly interested in Hope but even that interest is beginning to dwindle. If they don't get somewhere with this story soon I'm going to lose interest entirely.

Fables #96 (Vertigo)

This was my favorite book this week, hands down. I LOVE how they made the two seemingly separate stories about Snow White work together - seamlessly nonetheless! Also, this seems to be leading to Rose and Snow possible being able to resolve their differences which is really cool. I am really enjoying this Rose Red interlude and can't wait to see how it concludes!

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