Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Office

Another new thing about moving to France is the fact that I get a new office. I have to admit I was excited about this. Mainly because, while my previous office actually had a door, it was located in the basement about as far away from a window as you can imagine. It was like living and working in a rabbit hole.

I knew that the new office would have not only a door but also a window. As far as I was concerned I was ... sing along now... Moving on up! Moving on up! To a deluxe apartment in the ssskkkyyyyyyy!

But we all know that an office is only as good as it's gloatability. If I can't lord over you with how awesome my office is, then there's really no point in having it. So let's compare, just how good is your office?

Do you have a window? I do!

Is the window on the second floor so that you can see things in the distance with a crystal clear unobstructed view? Mine is!

Does it offer scenic views of the countryside so that you can relax when works gets stressful? Not mine!

BUT, because the building is shaped like a U I can see the row of offices directly across from me. Pierre, as I've nicknamed him, picks his nose everyday at 2:00. You can almost set your watch by it.

Do kind and gentle woodland creatures occupy the roof top between your window and Pierre's window? They do for me. I have a flock of large black birds, not unlike crows, that like to gather between the two buildings.

Do the kind and gentle woodland creatures occuping the rooftop between the two windows sqwak loudy, peck at each other, and make all sorts of noise while battling over the bloody carcass of a baby rabbit? Mine do! Can your office top that?

I didn't think so because my office is AWESOME!


  1. Words, words, words. I want to see some PICTURES of French Daily Life!!!

  2. Especially the rabbit corpse. If the birds are bigger than crows they might be ravens.