Friday, June 18, 2010

Gwen's Ramblings

This has been an interesting week. Yesterday was my last day working for Spencers where I have been for the past four years (longer if you count my time at the Spirit Halloween stores). I am happy to be finished with the world of retail although I am somewhat anxious about starting a new job in an area which I am unfamiliar with. I'm sure it will be fine though.

In other news it is now my turn to talk about sports. That's right, if Lee and Jim can run on about American football I get to gush about sports too.
I am pretty excited about the World Cup. My finance got me into soccer a few years back (right after the last World Cup) and we even went and saw one of the USA's qualifying games earlier this year. While I was disappointed that France beat out Ireland (with a "unintentional" handball, boo) I am happy to say France is going nowhere fast as they were defeated by Mexico today 2-0. That's karma France. I used to like the French team but this year I have to say I was rooting for Mexico. I really, really wanted Ireland to go to the World Cup and if not for that handball they would have. Team USA plays Slovenia tomorrow morning and since they went 1-1 with England the USA has a good chance of advancing to the next stage. Slovenia is a decent team but I have hope that the USA can beat them. I was never really a big sports fan until soccer. Baseball isn't much fun to watch on TV (although going to a game with friends can be fun), American Football is incredibly boring to me as more than half of the game is spent not doing ANYTHING, and while I like hockey it's really hard to tell what's going on half the time. Soccer on the other hand is exciting and never stops moving. I can also see the ball which is a bonus. It's easy to follow the game even if you just know the basics. I can only hope the USA does well and thus increases America's interest in this sport.

I have been reading through the Mouse Guard RPG book of late as I promised some of my friends I'd try and run a game for them. It's actually a neat book for even a non-gamer who happens to be a Mouse Guard fan as there is a lot of background info that hasn't come up in the actual books yet. As far as running a game, I have my hesitations. The game is very character/story focused which is cool. The game-play involves a lot of Game Master hand-holding though and I'm going to see what I can do to modify that. I can only assume that the RPG is intended to be easily accessible to people who have little to no experience with role playing games. As I have a group of experienced gamers I think they'd lose interest to fast with the interactive restrictions that seem to be built into the system. I'll no more when we actually start playing, but that's how the rules read to me at the moment. Regardless it seems like a fun world to play in and I look forward to running a few sessions (or more). I'm planning on starting the game after the Winter book (for Spring) so that way everyone can use the first to books as background references. Hopefully it'll be fun :) We'll only be playing once a month at most so it won't be too much pressure to run so even though I'm hosting the game it should still be relaxing.

I think Batgirl is my favorite superhero comic out there at the moment. It's just so much fun to read. I'm tired of being bogged down by meta-mega events and it's so nice to just pick up a comic book for some light reading. Don't get me wrong, I loved Blackest Night and the Brightest Day stuff has been interesting. But for right now it's in the background of my comic reading. The recent Legion stuff has been a huge letdown and it always sucks when one of your favorite things in comic book is a disappointment. Marvel's Second Coming is a huge downer and while I keep waiting for something to happen to make the whole story worthwhile it has yet to happen. That and I'm still pretty upset about Nightcrawler's death. The side and smaller companies still hold my interest with books like Madame Xanadu, Invincible, Echo and the like being some of my favorite books.

I'll probably be back to my fistful reviews soon enough, but we'll have to see how conducive my new schedule is to reading all my comics in one day :)

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