Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Keyboard

Did you know the French keyboard is different than the Qmericqn keyboard. That's right, if I don't pay close attention then I get all sorts of nez words.

The big differences, the letters A & Q switched. Along with W & Z. Luckily it isn't much of a problem because the letter A isn't used IN EVERY SINGLE WORD in the Qmericqn vocab.

The only word that I can correctly spell on the French keyboard at full speed with no typos the first time.... fu*k.

But, in this case, I had to look for the * on the keyboard so it still took me a minute to type the word.

If future French Dqily Life posts are complete gibberish now you know why.


  1. This would be different gibberish from the American Daily Life posts?
    (That was a wide open door.)

  2. Would it be possible to remap your keys or use an "American" keyboard?