Saturday, June 05, 2010

Marvel Wants to Rob Me, But I Escaped – Or Why I Stopped Buying Daredevil

Shadowland is one of the worst ideas ever done by Marvel. I could follow Dardevil’s story by buying his comic. It is still a $3 comic, a rarity for Marvel anymore. Now Shadowland comes along and I’m told to follow DD’s story I need to get Shadowland. By the way this five part mini-series is a $4 book and the regular Daredevil title is advertised as a tie-in to Shadowland. So now I have gone from spending $3 to $7 to follow DD’s story.

But wait; hang on as that is just for July. Coming in August we have seven books that are part of Shadowland. Seven and I believe six of those are $4 books. Of course I’m assuming you could skip some of the ancillary mini-series, but who knows the way Marvel works things. So instead of getting one $3 book to follow DD’s story to get the Full Monty I would have to pay $27 dollars.

As a special bonus we get raped a little harder in September and October as Thunderbolts has a two part cross over that will be part of Shadowland so that will be $30 where I had to pay $3 for DD’s story before this event. As a special kiss on the cheek, Thunderbolts which I get is crossing over into this event so two books I like are getting screwed up in this.

November we are down to four books and in December Daredevil is back to being its own thing again and I’m betting it has now morphed into a $4 at that point. So November the price tag is a mild $15 as opposed to $3.

So the grand total for the five months of Shadowland is $109 to get all the Shadowland books, where DD as a standalone would cost $15, a difference of $94.

So since Marvel has not asked me out for a dinner and a movie before trying to *&%$ me I have decided to save $15 instead of spending $94 dollars more and I have sadly cancelled Daredevil and may check in on it next year.


  1. Sure, it is a bit harsh to slam good old stand alone DD into an event, but the Shadowland mini is there to draw in new readers, I won't pretend otherwise, and I kind of think that's a good idea.

    Anyone who likes Punisher, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Wolvie, Spidey, etc, would be way more likely to just check in on the mini rather than the DD ongoing. It's the problem of readers only joining in if a #1 is involved.

    As for the extra titles, they really don't seem that necessary. The one shots will be fun, but don't seem necessary to get DD's story. As for the minis, the Power Man one sounds very stand alone, the Blod on the Streets doesn't sound like it'll have anything serious in it, and the Daughters of the Shadow isn't necessary either. Moon KNight will be more about him, and for his fans, and you know Thunderbolts will be about fleshing out more of the Luke Cage side of the tale, which I think a DD can do without if need be.

    I'll be buying DD and Shadowland, and pretty certain I'll get nearly all of the story just there. I'll also pick up most, if not all, of the one-shots because they sound alright. I'll get the Daughters mini because it looks like fun, but I'll be skipping the other minis because they don't seem necessary and i don't particularly feel interested in them. They are there to give creators a chance to dabble in the peripherals of a big event, and possibly to re/introduce new characters, which is nice. Colleen Wing SHOULD be given a chance.

    If you've read the solicitations I'm sure you'll see that there's absolutely no reason for you to have to spend $100 on all of this, I am a massive DD fan, have been for decades, and I won't be.

    So, I guess, I'm saying you don't have to drop DD, but if you do I hope you'll come back and check him out later, he usually is such quality.

  2. That was the best post title ever

  3. Ryan - Good points and to be fair you can probably just get Shadowland and DD, but I'm more concerned that after this is over DD will be a $4 title like Marvel did with Captain America. Also this was a rant.

    Gwen - Thanks

  4. Can we stop throwing around rape so casually? Being asked to spend more money for a casual hobby is a far cry from a forcible sexual assault. Robbery is a better analogy.