Saturday, January 06, 2007

Football Week-Ends

The entire season of the NFL is only 16 games per team. This makes each game actually mean something. The pre-season is total crap, but the actual season actually means something. Then we get to my favorite part of the year. The first two week-ends of play off games. Four games each week-end with the best teams left after the season. Only 12 out of 32 teams make it.

These are the main reasons I feel the NFL has the best product in all of sports. Each game has meaning. See baseball, basketball and hockey for examples of season's that have little meaning. Only 12 teams make the playoffs, while this is a higher percentage then baseball the one loss and your out makes it more exciting then any other sport.

Of course with the Ravens being in the play offs and have a first week bye, I'm thrilled. Not only can I watch this week-end with a more objective view, I can also anticipate who the Ravens get to face in two weeks.

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