Monday, January 22, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

In which I have now almost gotten over my disappointment that the Colts are in the Super Bowl and will try to move on past the pain. Still if the Ravens had to lose to the Colts let it be to the best team in the AFC.

52 #38 - Last week was hot and heavy with lots of thrills and excitement. Booster Gold as Supernova was actually called by myself before the book came out. It was just a feeling that Supernova was Booster and I thought the surprise was well done. Anyway this book is now starting to really race to the end.

Checkmate #10 - Hard to believe this book is up to issue #10 already, but the longer this book goes the better I like it. As we know the players better the story gets better. Political intrigue, super heroics and spies. Rucka really feels like he is in his element with this book.

Connor Hawke Dragon's Blood #3 (of 6) - First issue I thought the book was a waste, loved issue #2 and Chuck Dixon has drawn me into a story I thought was really a pass. Chuck Dixon writes fast paced action stories better then anyone in the business (and works for almost every publisher around). I'm looking forward to issue #3.

Crossing Midnight #3 - Mike Carey has crafted perhaps his most unique and best tale yet. This book is part fantasy, part myth, part historical, part coming of age story and other things all mixed together. If this series continues to grow it has real potential to be Carey's defining book. If you are not reading this, go out and get it.

Deadman #6 - This is Bruce Jones best book (damning with faint praise I know) and John Watkiss is an under appreciated artist. Parallel worlds, future viewing, being dead, making love to your brother's hot wife, it is all here and a growing story of what is really going on and who is running the show.

Fables #57 - Great series, buy it, read it. As I believe Lee said where are the hard cover reprints on this puppy? Maybe we will go right to the Absolutes.

Flash #8 - The last issue before the new team comes on. I have soften in my venomous felling towards this writing team as I think they had some good ideas, they just failed miserably in its execution. Looking forward to issue #9, let's make Bart as great as Wally and Barry.

Hellblazer #228 - The longest running Vertigo series. He has had a movie also. This is one anti-hero who really has done well and attracted a host of great writers.

Helmut of Fate Ibis the Invincible - Tad Williams and Phil Winslade. No real expectations on this one shot of a five part tour the Helmut of Fate is taking before anointing a new Dr. Fate.

Mystery in Space #5 (of 8) - I don't care what Starlin says it's Captain Comet - not just Comet. I would love to see a showcase of his old stuff. Captain Comet is always getting some time in the spotlight, from the early Secret Society of Super Villains series to the L.E.G.I.O.N. series. Very good series and the Weird back up is really tied in well to the lead feature.

Robin #158- Part two of the Klarion the Witchboy cross over. Adam Beechen has really made Robin into a solid book and Irving Frazier is doing a good turn as a guest artist. Solid series.

Showcase Brave and Bold the Batman Team-Ups - This is a nice companion piece to the Archives Brave and Bold which started with the pre-Batman all the time team-ups. Some really fun stuff. 528 B&W pages for only $17 - you can't go wrong.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #26 - One of my top series right now. I really love the Legion again. Dominators taking over the earth, robots rebelling, the Wanderers lead by Mekt, great stuff.

Wetworks #5 - This book got good last issue. Looking forward to this issue. Finally felt like the book has a direction and I care about what is happening.

Criminal #4 - Good book by Brubaker and Phillips, but so far I liked Sleeper better. Still the first arc has certainly had many twists and turns. This reads well as a comic and will read better as a trade.

Dr. Strange The Oath #4 (of 5) - I have been undecided on this mini-series. I like the art and occasionally enjoy the portrayal of Dr. Strange, but other times feel like the series is missing something. Night Nurse has been a fun character to have in this series.

Eternals #6 (of 7) - It was to be a six part series, but - oh well. This series has left me a little cold and feels too much like a long reintegration of bringing these characters back into the Marvel U proper. Truth be known these were rip off of Kirby's ideas from the New Gods which were a rip off of the Norse mythology stuff he did with Thor. Essentially Kirby ripped himself off and I believe each iteration was weaker then the one before. Gaiman has done okay with this and Romita Jr. has been adequate, but it is not as special as I was hoping it would be.

Heroes for Hire #6 - This is a solid and fun book that has surprising depth of characterization. Hate that the writing team will be lost as they signed an exclusive with DC (but good news for DC).

Masterworks Warlock - (#72) - Some great Gil Kane artwork and Marvel really branching out into some different bronze age material.

Moon Knight #7 - I may drop this title. The relaunch was very up and down and the character is going nowhere.

Punisher War Journal #3 - I have serious doubts about Frank in the Marvel U and Captain America punking him so bad last issue just proves the point. So far this series is a miss.

Silent War #1 (of 6) - David Hines is the writer and he made me enjoy the Quicksilver series that was the follow up series from House of "M" (remember that anyone). So I have hopes that this will be good. Black Bolt and the Inhumans versus probably everyone else.

X-Factor - #15 - Peter David at his best and a great group of characters. The characterization and interactions are so strong I could skip any super hero action in this book. The best X-book bar none right now.

Invincible #38 - Kirkman's defining series continues. Great stuff.

Chronicles of Conan Volume #11 - Dark Horse's continuing reprinting of the material originally published by Marvel.

Goon Noir #3 (of 3) - Goon is an acquired taste. It took me awhile, but now I love it and these short stories by various teams are great fun.

Damned - #4 (of 5) - If it wasn't only five parts I would have dropped this book. It just hasn't grabbed me. The dead guy in a demon gangster world.

Fallen Angel #12 - Peter David again. This book is one I'm never in a hurry to read, but I enjoy it every time I read it.

Garth Ennis Chronicles of Wormwood #1 (of 6) - Not the same Wormwood of Templesmith, but I read the first few pages online and this looks to be interesting. Talking animals (and we have a rabbit here) always seem to draw me in.

Legend of Grimjack Volume #6 - Reprinting John Ostrander and Tim Truman's hero from First Comics.

Mouse Guard #6 (of 6) - WHEN IS THE NEXT MINI-SERIES STARTING. Just a great all ages type of fable. Darker like all good fables were and fun enough to really enjoy.

Tag #3 (of 3) - Wrapping up this nice little horror show. This could be the perfect TV show that could follow who gets tagged next. Another mini-series is on its way, but as a TV series this could be outstanding.

Looks to be a really good week and some great books are coming out.

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