Monday, January 15, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

Mentally I have recovered from the devastation that occurred Saturday and we have now moved onto the Pats bandwagon and will be cheering them on next Sunday.

52 #37 - Only 16 issues left and we are now approaching WW III. Animal Man is dead and the Question needs a miracle to survive. Why do I think Supernova is really Booster Gold?

Aquaman #48 - Only two Kurt Busiek issues left. I hope Tad Williams (he starts with issue #50)keeps what Kurt has started as this has been a really good series since One Year Later.

Birds of Prey #102 - Gail Simone's Mission Impossible take on this series continues and it has been a good arc so far. This book has always been an enjoyable series 99% of the the time.

Catwoman #63 - So it appears we may have 2 Catwomen running around. Should be interesting to see what the new status quo for this book will be.

Green Lantern #16 - I have enjoyed this series a lot more since the one year later jump, but Hal has no life at all, this book is about Green Lantern only and I miss him having a personal life.

Green Lantern Archives #6 - We are now on issues #37-47. These were some really great stories and this included the first appearance of Alan Scott (the Golden Age GL) in the Silver Age run.

Helmut of Fate - Detetective Chimp - It has a monkey and Doctor Fate involved, with a Brian Bolland cover - it will be glorious.

JLA Classified #32 - This is a new arc and it is written by Dan Slott. I thought he was exclusive to Marvel, but maybe this is an old story or his exclusive has expired. I'm curious to read this as I think some writers work better in Marvel or DC. I suspect Slott may work better in the DCU.

Omega Men #4 (of 6) - This series has been great and it appears to tie into the impending World War III. The Omega Men are now a true rag tag group fighting for survival. Fun book.

Sandman Mystery Theatre - Sleep of Reason #2 (of 5) - First issue was a good set-up and I'm curious to see if we will have two Sandmen running around in the DCU (one in Vertigo and one in the DCU proper).

Shadwopact #9 - Great series by Bill Willingham as writer and occasionally artist. This book gets better and better.

Skye Runner #6 - Last issue. A fantasy type series that was good, but just lacked something. In a strong super hero market, you can't be lacking something and survive if you are not a super hero book or an independent.

Spirit #2 - First issue was a home run. Let's see if Mr. Cooke as writer/artist can keep it up.

Testament #14 - The Vertigo title that matches biblical stories with a modern day tale. Decent series, that at times leaves me a little lost as to where the writer is going.

Avengers Assemble Deluxe Hardcover Volume #4 - Reprinting the Busiek years on the Avengers. This has been fun as I passed on this book originally and it is certainly more what I think the Avengers should be as opposed to what they have become.

Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes #5 (of 8) - Picked this up based on James McGuinn's glowing praise of the book and I have enjoyed it. It is a long lost Avengers story set during the era when the Vision joined the Avengers.

Fantastic Four #542 - Once I decide to give a book another whirl I'll sign up before the new team takes over, so this might still be JMS' dismal run, but I'm hoping Dwayne McDuffie can bring this book back, but with the Civil War repercussions I don't know.

She-Hulk #15 - Still like this book but somehow it is no longer as much fun as it once was.

Spider-Man Reign #2 (of 4) - Continuing the dystopian future of Spider-Man. First issue was entertaining.

Ultimate Spider-Man #104 - God I hope the clone saga is finally over. Enough is enough.

Wisdom #2 (of 6) - The first issue had its moments and makes me want to read more about this atypical anti-hero Brit.

X-Men First Class #5 (of 8) - Jeff Parker continues to shine as a writer on what ever assignment he gets. This book is a total throw away, in that it has no impact on continuity or has a major surprise/reveal, it is just good solid enjoyable comic book stories.

Conan #36 - Starting to lose my interest in this book. It has been meandering around as opposed to following Conan's career straight through.

Desperadoes: Buffalo Dreams #1 (of 4) - The prior Desperadoes mini-series have been great. Western action with a supernatural twist. Great stuff.

That's it for this week. One foot note the Last Wolverine Origins was so bad, that even I finally dropped that book, really just a bad book.


  1. OMG! You dropped a book? Say it isn't so...

    Wow. This Ravens loss thing is really hitting you hard to actually drop something.

    Wow.... shocking. The dropping, not the Ravens.

  2. The Ravens were also shocking.

    I have actually dropped 3 books recently Hellstorm, Ant Man and now Wolverine Origins, DMZ was a drop from a long time back as was Warlord after one issue. It's rare but it happens. Of course Rusty tells me DMZ is good and I should not have given up on Powers during the Monkey Man time.

  3. ULT CLONE SAGA is awesome like sex with Angelina Jolie.

    Deal with it.

  4. Shawn - If only that was true, then I would be a fan of the series.

  5. Read the newest issue.

    If you don't think it's the best SPIDEY book coming out every month you've been sniffing glue.

    Another surprising issue. Great twists and turns and wonderful characterization.