Thursday, January 11, 2007

Iraq - More Troops?? What the Frell???

I voted libertarian in the last election because in good conscience I could not vote for George W. Bush and John Kerry was a horrible candidate. Given that choice I chose none of the above. Which by the way should be a valid election choice. If none of the above wins we get a new slate of candidates and the bozos running are not allowed to run again.

All this is my long winded and rambling way of getting around to George Bush spitting in the face of everybody's opinion and upping the ante in Iraq. The additional troops will only put the level back to what it had been before. One definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. So Bush is either crazy, stupid or just flat out is taking the shroud away from our eyes and proving what many of us have known, that he doesn't really care about what anyone else thinks. He sure as hell doesn't give a damn about the constitution. George W. Bush is on par with FDR and Abraham Lincoln in circumventing and ignoring the constitution. I believe those two Presidents were faced with crisis that surpass what we are dealing with today.

The thing that disturbs me the most is that I have heard that the neo-cons (which as a person who has a family that is very conservative, this is an insult to conservatives calling these idiots any sort of conservative) are pushing to try and evoke Iran in attacking the US thereby giving us a chance to invade Iran and widen the war. The neo-cons (again I hate that term, my conservative side is for really reduced government, these guys should by called neo-fascists) believe that the only way to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons is to invade the country and bomb the facilities. I get the feeling these jerks believe we can just take over the middle east and make all our problems go away.

The war has failed it's time to pack up our troops and come home. Do it slowly, but we lost. You cannot shove a democracy down someone's throats. I was against the war from the beginning and still think it was a mistake, but we did destroy a lot of their capabilities in making weapons of mass destruction. Of course 911 taught us that you don't need a bomb to make a big impact.

As the last super power we have to maintain a certain posture, but this war needs to end and does not need to be widened.

Iraq, illegal immigration, the aging population, the aging infra-structure, the rapid technology changes, the loss of privacy, the increase of the nanny state and other problems are much more pressing.

If we want to do something to change the world, let's restart the space program and discover brave new worlds and boldly go where no one has gone before. Make space ships not war.


  1. OMG!!! Libertarian. I had to stop reading...

    seriously. You voted for the Library dude "what's his face"...

  2. Seriously, Libertines?

    I feel dirty just reading it.

    Voting Librarain? That's so... so... unamerican.

    Get with the game buddyboy. Two parties no more, no less.

  3. What I think is funny is how this will improve anything.

    You know if you add 21,000 troops we have less troops over there than we had A YEAR AGO?

    So yes, since it all worked out a year ago this might work. No. Waitaminute. It didn't.

    150,000 soldiers are not enough to police a city of 6 million. Gen Shinseki said, before we invaded, that we needed a force of 250,000 strong.

    But Rumsfeld believed in a "lighter, quicker" Army.

    They don't have enough men or enough supplies and now they're sending units not finished with their training early and asking people that have been there a year or more to STAY LONGER.

    *By ask I mean TELL...




    I also HATE it when the Hand Puppet speaks about the sacrifice of the troops and their families. That spoon-fed, left-hander from Yale who skipped out on the last year of his Air National Guard duty during Vietnam wouldn't know a goddamn thing about sacrifice.

    If he had been a Marine his platoon buddies would have beaten him with bars of soap and he would have blown his head off. (SEE: Full Metal Jacket)

    George is doing what he does best, half-assing the job.

    And wasn't Libertine (sp?) a wierd period drama with Johnny Depp in it?


  4. Lee - And you voted what???

    Shawn - Nothing wrong with being left handed.

  5. The US military is the greatest on the face of the planet. We won the war in Iraq in 3 weeks. No other military force on this planet can match ours. But our guys are not trained and are not meant to be the police force of a foreign land. That's not what they were brought up to do. It's been long enough. The Iraqiis have to determine their own fate. Saddam is dead. He can never regain power. So let's get the f*ck out of there and let the chips fall where they may. If Iran takes over southern Iraq we'll deal with them later. If another tyrant sets up shop we'll send our boys in and wipe his army out in a fortnight. It's time for Iraqiis to bleed for their freedom and to find the path of their own government. Our time their should be over. Pointless to try and send more troops.
    And anyone who thinks that we don't need a new party should re-examine the state of politics today. The two party system is broken. The Dems and Repubs are acting like children, not leaders. They fight and bicker and give themselves vacation time and pay increases without doing anything to better the country. Why should they? They've got it real cushy. This atmosphere of playground politics has got to end. We the People are getting screwed over. Just the other day when Bush spoke of his new plan several wondered what the Dems counteroffer would be. Well the Dems stepped up and said that they don't need a plan of their own, their job is to stand against whatever the president offers. What happened to compromise? Where has common sense gone? Clinton and Bush have been two very divisive presidents. They have blown our gov't apart and turned Congress into petty, small-minded children who refuse to act like adults and work together for the betterment of all America. If these knuckleheads won't grow up, they should be replaced by a third party, one that will bring freedom back to the US and keep gov't out of our lives as much as possible. Think of the freedoms we've given up during the past two administrations. I want to live in the Land of the Free once more.
    Oh, and I'm a righty who happens to write like a lefty. I'm constantly amazed by the number of people watching me write with my right hand, but because of the way I hold the pen/pencil they say, "So, you're a lefty." Weird.

  6. I equate the right and the left this way...



    I wouldn't want to run into either of these factions on a million different planets.

    Neither side are too be trusted and if they aren't going to throw you into the sarlaac pit, they've got ties to the dark side.

    But That Padme sure is HOT. um, what?

  7. Actually, "Neo-con" was coined by conservatives back when these people migrated over from the Democratic Party.

    You see, they used to be "liberals." Vampire Kristol still describes it as "liberalism grown up" in interviews. The best I understand about it is it fascism disguised as conservativism, with the unholy combination of Objectivist Christianism (ANOTHER two philosophies that are diametrically opposed) added. I don't think they're religious or Christian either, but it, like conservativism, is a convenient cover for their ideas.

    "Neo" is a way of saying "Faux" and if you notice, its only in the past year since these policies have really garnered mainstream media criticism (notice the media caught on AFTER the population got antsy, not before) that the term "neo-con" has been widely used.

    Its an insult, and don't be afraid to use it as one. If real liberals, real conservatives, and real moderates are all on the same page with the lingo this philosophy will be a LOT harder to hide behind another.

  8. Make space ships not war.... that's ingenious!

  9. Jim,

    I voted for Bush, because my little sister was serving in Iraq at the time of the election, and I didn't want her to be at the dubious mercy of John Kerry.

    Now she's serving her second term, and it seems that it probably wouldn't have mattered which one I voted for.

    I'm a registered libertarian now, because it's better than being registered independent - then both the republicans and the democrats send you their propoganda.

    On the other hand, I do now fully support the eradication of the Arab nations, because I found out it's their fault the speed limit is so low! If Iraq is all about oil, then I say let's get serious about the ass-kicking and take the bloody oil...

    (And, since this is the internet, I should probably explain that while highly indignant over the Arab nations using oil supplies to bully other nations, my above statement was a joke!)

  10. Airelle - I knew it was a joke, but sarcasm depends so much on the tone of voice, that often on the internet (and in e-mails) people has horribly mis-read me.

    Ragnell - True. I believe often that politicians are way too often creatinbg lanuage to serve their purposes. And for neo-con has been an insult for about six years now.

  11. Let me tell you a story.

    I was in the middle of Afghanistan when I sent my absentee ballot for John Kerry in 2004.

    My belief was the horse-faced man could not make anything worse, mainly because I was convinced at that time that the Bush Administration (and Agenda) had lost all sense of reality.

    So far their track record after the re-election has been even worse, and this I find horribly funny considering prior to, they still had the honor of lying to get us into war in Iraq which, IMO has seriously hindered the effort on The War On Terrorism, which I believe it with all my heart.

    Bush's speech on Iraq means he has learned nothing. We either find a way to send another 100,000 troops to police the nation or we leave.

    20,000 more troops will not do it. Not sending diplomatic enoys to Iran and Seria to negotitate their fucking off of Iraq will not do it. And reshuffling the same damn team that has been on this from the beginning will not do it.

    This year will be a bloody one and when we call them on it, they will say, "Well we said nothing was certain and we now have to re-adjust our plan again."

    In 2004-2005, while I fought in Afghanistan it was apparent that the administration had pretty much forgotten about that country, the Taliban that still crossed over the Pakistan border to get to it, and were already planning to hand over the operation to the NATO Allies.

    I have more to say on Afghanistan but am already foaming at the mouth...

  12. I'm late to this party because I haven't been on line since Thursday. I'll leave all but one thing alone. We need an emoticon that denotes sarcasm. Any suggestions?