Monday, January 08, 2007

What I'm Getting Wednesday

First a quick word about the deluded Patriots fan. Remember it is very hard to win on the road and with a week's less rest then the other team. Good luck though because it would be great to be able to get to the Super Bowl by beating the Colts and the Pats.

Yes, we are back to Wednesday as the holiday season is already gone. Sad, but that's what makes holidays special - there aren't many of them.

52 - The countdown continues and this series continues to be my number one read. It is not always the best book, but it is certainly a really good one.

Batman - More of the Ostrander/Mandrake work on this book, which while it has been decent it has felt too much like a place marker waiting for Morrison and Kubert.

Batman Confidential - This book has not wowed me like Superman confidential. It's okay, but Portacio is not my choice for a Batman artist.

Gen 13 - Gail Simone as writer, so that's a plus. I'm really enjoying this relaunch. It probably helps that I had no clue who Gen 13 were before, so no preconceptions coming into this book.

Green Arrow - Part 2 of Green Arrow and Batman. Winnick has really made Green Arrow a top book.

GL Corps - Part 2 of Guy Gardner in the black ops division of the GL Corps. This has became a really solid series.

JSA Classified - HAWKMAN returns! About damn time.

JSA #2- Issue #1 was a gem. I think Geoff Johns work on JSA is his best work. He really loves the characters and respects the history without being slavish to it.

Martain Manhunter - Yes the comic that only I am buying, but it is good damn it. And in Superman/Batman Zook returned! Zook is the goofiest sidekick ever. DC needs to reprint the old Martain Manhunter stuff.

Omac - Proving that Bruce Jones has been one of the least exciting writers around.

Outsiders - The one year gap story. Should be fun.

Rush City - A very cool action book by Chuck Dixon and Timothy Green II.

Stormwatch PHD - Christos Gage (one of my favorite up and comng writers) and Doug Mahnke ( a really under rated artist) on what maybe my favorite Wildstorm book.

Superman/Batman vs Aliens/Predator - I have to check this out before I decide to buy this or not.

Tales of the Unexpected - The back up series should be in the front, but Dr. 13 and the Spectre book in one book is something that I enjoy.

Welcome to Tranquility - The one Gail Simone book that I haven't been sold on yet. This is issue #2, so we still have time to decide if this book is a winner or loser.

Agents of Atlas - The last issue of this fine mini-series. Jeff Parker (another great newer writer) and Leonard Kirk have done a terrific job with this series. GET THE TRADE if you missed the series.

Amazing Spider-Girl - This book really has not grabbed me and for me it is the art. The storyline is fine, I think the inker is killing this book.

Champions Trade Volume 2 - This group was goofy and re-reading it now that both volumes is out should be a blast.

Hyperion vs Nighthawk #1 (of 4) - This should be a one page story. I mean Hyperion is Superman without any morals.

Thunderbolts - This issue all the old fans leave the book and all new fans start the book. Warren Ellis has been doing great with everything. This concept should be a challenge for him. Plus this book includes the worst concept for an hero ever Penance - ugh!

White Tiger - My fondness for the original two versions of the character is making me follow this book for no real reason. It is not worth the price of entry.

Wolverine Origins - This is really becoming a bad book and I should have already dropped it. Inertia has me continuing to buy it.

Meltdown #2 (of 2) - This was a cool concept and the first issue delivered, I've been looking forward to the second issue. The premise: A hero knows he is dying and how he deals with it.

Nightly News - Commentary on the media done in an entertaining fashion. Read it!

30 Day of Night: Spreading the Disease - This series continues to be a good read and has art that suits the book. Just a great little franchise.

Five week months means lighter weeks for me. Since one week in December was around 35 books one week.


  1. Superman/Batman vs Aliens/Predator - I have to check this out before I decide to buy this or not.

    That just sounds utterly bizarre! Wonder what they were smoking when they thought that one up...

  2. Dude!


    ....that Speedball was PENANCE, I was like, "Holy Hell! Warren Ellis is writing a book with Speedball in it!"

    You have to love that man!