Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Giant-Size Wolverine Old Man Logan - A Mini-Review

Giant Sized Wolverine Old Man Logan

Publisher Marvel

Writer Mark Millar

Pencils Steve McNiven

Inks Dexter Vines with Mark Morales

Colors Morry Hollowell

Price $5

Normally I would leave this until next Tuesday as part of the Worst category, but this book just was so atrocious I needed to put up a mini-post about it, but I posted it before Superman so it never gets to be the #1 post on the blog.

What crap. I mean we pay $5 for 32 pages of new story and art and then a lot of covers and some pencil artwork to fill up the size and heft of the book. Is it any wonder I think better of DC who gives me 40 pages of story and art on their big book of the week Superman Secret Origin and Marvel charges me $1 more for 8 less pages. Just a stupid ending, Logan’s family is killed by the Hulk family, the Hulk eats Logan and he pops up out of his stomach and takes baby Bruce Banner Jr. and starts off across America to set things right as Lone Wolf and Cub. Horrible stuff and just blood and gore for blood and gore’s sake. Playing to the baser fanboy instincts I guess, but if this is what most comic fans want, I’m not sure I want to hang with them.

I'm serious that if this is the base and crass type of garbage that passes for entertainment, then I guess comics have gone past me and I have finally outgrown comics. Millar can usually do a passable action movie that falls apart as soon as you think about it, but this was not even that. I mean cannibalism, having Wolverine be eaten and then "heals" in Hulk's intestines - does that pass for cool for you, not for me. Then ending as Lone Wolf and Cub, could they at least acknowledge the blatant rip off. Horrible.

Overall Grade F - Waste of paper, not even a good action movie, lacking any redeeming quality.


  1. Be careful! You're starting to sound like me complaining about blood and gore like that.

  2. True, but you know there are limits - I least I think there should be limits.

  3. I am really on the fence about this book. This started out with such promise from Millar. I agree with you that it always does seem to fall apart with him at the end. Like he starts out with a great premise but no idea how to finish it.

    On the other hand, making us wait and putting it in a "giant size"? For what? So we can see all the covers we should have bought?

    Sorry, this is beyond an EPIC FAIL.

  4. Looks like Ron fell off the fence and into agreement with Jim.

    I didn't bother with this, but I gave up on all the X-Men related work years ago.

    I think Jim's comment about giving up on comics is amusing, given his celebratory review of Superman Secret Origins just moments previously.