Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wal-Mart Daze

I know that everything has its place and function in the great American economy but boy-oh-boy do I hate Wal-mart. On one hand Wal-mart is great because it brings low cost goods to the people. On the other hand it epitomizes everything that’s wrong with America.

The reason I like Wal-mart is because I can get cheap stuff there. The caveat of course is that I get what I pay for. I don’t buy clothes at Wal-mart because they tend to wear out really fast. I don’t buy tools at Wal-mart because they tend to break. But, I do buy my action figures there. And, I buy the occasional cd or dvd there. Other than that, I try to avoid Wal-mart.

This past weekend, I needed a pump for my bike tires. What better place to get it than Wal-mart? Especially since I didn’t care how long it lasted or how low a quality it was. Since I was going, I decided to go to the local Super Wal-mart and check out the grocery section too. I needed to go food shopping so I could do two errands at once and save some time. Unfortunately, the Wal-mart grocery store is everything that’s wrong with America.

There’s just to much to talk about so I’m just gonna list stuff-

Point #1: I’m sorry, but if your ass is bigger than the shopping cart. Bigger than the wider back end of the cart and not the narrow front end, then you shouldn’t be in the soda pop section. “But I’m drinking diet soda!” TO WHAT??? Wash down the four bags of Doritos you have in the cart??? There ought to be a chain across the aisle and a scale. Based upon your age and height you must weigh less than “x”.

Point #2: Let’s not even get me started on the fact there was a McDonalds in back of the store right across from the yogurt and organic section!

Point #2a: Or the mother who was feeding her three year old a McDonalds hash brown to keep him quiet!!! Hey honey, here’s a thought, how about you tell you overweight little rodent “no.” It’s quite the concept.

Point #3: The fact it would cost me $5 for a bag of granola cereal in an attempt to be healthy. Yet, it would only cost me $1 for a 10 lb bag of Fruit Loops. Because America needs cheaper Fruit Loops right???? Not to mention, there were two boxes of granola to choose from. One with raisins and one without. That was the extent of the healthy cereal. But, if I wanted Apple Jacks then I could buy the original or the knock off, Apple Rings, or the knock off of the knock off, Rings of Apples. And people wonder why American’s have weight issues?

I understand that Wal-Mart is doing low price points for everything including food. But, if all the food is absolute crap then aren't they, as a company, perpetuating a major problem in society. I also understand it's not Wal-Mart's responsibility but if there aren't any healthy options available, then whose fault is it?

On the plus side, there were some good deals on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Overall, it was a miserable experience at Wal-mart that I’m not likely to repeat any time soon.


  1. You didn't even touch on the crappy customer service, underpaid employees or general disarray of the stores.

    I avoid the Wal-Mart like the plague.

  2. The Wal-mart near me, which I avoid at all cost, looks like it would after a looting and the check out makes me want to put down whatever I had purchased.