Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great Comic Sell-a-thon

I won't actually be posting tomorrow because we have Part II of the Indies review. We're a little late this month but it's worth the wait.

In other news, the great comic sell-a-thon is starting. Due to some changing circumstances at my house, I need to liquidate a large portion of my collection. No worries, the change is good but I just can't talk about it yet.

The modern part of the collection includes most Marvel books from 1982 through 2000. The DC is a little more spotty but includes long runs of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

I have a large collection of Silver-Bronze age material too. Again, primarily Marvel, but many of the DC 100 page giants if you're interested.

All books are in perfect condition, VF or better. I never bought reader copies.

I'm going to start running ebay auctions in the next couple of weeks too. If you want it before it goes to the public, the pre-ebay list includes:

(!) Avengers 1-66
, plus Avengers Disassembled. This is the complete Busiek and Johns run, and the start of Bendis run. Sorry, I skipped the Austen material. I just couldn't take it.
(!) Batman- Harley Quinn one shot by Paul Dini which introduced HQ to the main DCU

(!) Earth X, o, 1-12, X.
An excellent elseworlds series that spawned several additional mini-series.

(!) Sandman 1-75 plus specials. The classic series complete and in perfect condition.

(!) JLA 1-22. The start of Grant Morrison's run which returned the Justice League to it's glory.

(!) Mage 1-15 with the first issue signed by Matt Wagner. The classic orginial series.

(!) The Maxx DVD. Yeah, it's not a comic but I have all sorts of cool stuff.

(!) The Filth tpb. Grant Morrison story of... well, ya just gotta read it.

Reasonable offers accepted. These are just a few of the books I have so if there's anything you're looking for feel free to ask.

Thanks for the support.

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