Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Little Boys Full of Energy

I've talked about the differences between little boys and girls many times before, but occasionally, Boy goes out of his way to prove a point.

There are the little examples like the time the family went hiking. After a long hike in the mountains, we finally took a rest. The kids, exhausted, ploped right down, while Wife looked around and said, “Isn’t it pretty here?"

Girl looked around and said “It’s beautiful. And so quiet. I love it here, Mommy!"

Boy piped in,
“It’s great here. Imagine throwing a grenade over there. Why, it could blow up the trees and the bushes with one boom. Then the trees would shoot right up into the air. Or...if we had a bazooka, we could really blow that butterfly up!"

But, sometimes, even beyond statements, it’s amazing just how worked up Boy can get. The latest example occurred the other day while I was in the backyard clearing the woods. Sensing that I needed help, Boy rushed to my assistance.

He immediately found a stick and started thrashing at the weeds. Not just thrashing, but actively trying to destroy them. I was unphased by the whole thing because I remember doing the same to weeds as a kid.

Wife eventually came down to see what was going on. We quietly sat watching Boy continue his adventure.

Wife, with a furrowed brow, turns and says: Don’t you think he’s getting a little violent?
Lee: Nah. That’s just little boy stuff.

Wife: Are you sure he isn’t being a tad aggressive?
Lee: No no no, you’re just being overpro-

And, as I was trying to complete my sentence, Boy starts shouting: DIE! DIE! DIE!

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  1. As long as he's talking about weeds and not you, you're ok.